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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A break in the action

It looks like we might have a short break in all the rain today.  Yesterday was the worst!   Traffic was slowed almost to a standstill during the evening commute hours due to flooded freeways.  I-80, which probably has 5 or 6 lanes in each direction, was flooded because the pumps that normally clear the water off the roadway were jammed up with so much water and debris.

Vehicles were limited to a single lane, and some trucks and high profile vehicles tried the second lane from the middle, but many cars stalled out, especially when they tried to get off on an exit.  I can't imagine the panic I would experience in a situation like this.

I took these photos off the TV so I know they aren't the best, (click on a photo to enlarge it), but if you can imagine many lanes of freeway that would normally be bumper to bumper traffic, you can see how traffic everywhere was affected.  I emailed Jeannie, trying to warn her but she didn't read it as she left work early to go to Autumn's soccer game.  She got stuck in terrible traffic on a major street that crosses over I-80, and missed the soccer game entirely.  It took her several hours to get home.

This morning I washed and refilled my hummingbird feeder.  Last time I did that I lost the metal hook that holds it, so I devised a temporary fix using a big fat red rubber band.  The windy conditions have made the feeder swing back and forth and I guess the rubber band weakened and frayed.  I still couldn't find the hook so I filled and rehung the feeder using the rubber band and of course it didn't take 15 minutes to snap, sending the feeder into the rocks and gravel on the side of the porch.  I will get a new one this morning as I've had a lot of birds using it lately.  (Note:  I couldn't find one at Target, and will have to go to Home Depot one of these days.)

I would love to find a suitable radio, you know, the AM/FM kind, preferably with dials, not digital.  Sounds sort of like a transistor radio, doesn't it.  (I'd love to find one of those, assuming they still work.)  About a year or so ago I bought a replica of the old Crosley radio, and it would have been perfect if I could have gotten a signal.  It seems you have to wire up something to be able to tune into a station, and I'm past the stage where I am willing to figure it out.  It seems that anything you buy in the electronics department does multiple things - and I don't want a multi-purpose device, other than my computer.    I have a TV, computer, phone, and I just want a radio although it seems like I'll never be able to find one.  (Note:  I also don't want to pay to listen to a radio, which leaves out satellite radio as a choice.)

I have a final gripe for today, and that is about the emails in my inbox trying to sell me stuff.  These are from companies  and charities I sometimes do business with, but I sure am tired of deleting all those "shop online" emails - sometimes more than 1 or 2 a day from the same advertiser.    Consumerism is killing our society, our nation, and our way of life!


  1. You can listen to almost any radio station you want to online. Why bother with another device?

  2. A friend wanted one just as you described and sent me this link when I expressed interest http://www.amazon.com/Sony-ICF38-Portable-Radio-Black/dp/B0016OEV7C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1417728594&sr=8-2&keywords=am+fm+portable+radio

    Luckily I hadn't yet deleted her e-mail. It might be what you are looking for.

  3. The news is full of the California flooding ... I've been right on a lot of those places ... especially Hwy 101... man!

    why don't you like digital?

  4. Online radio is only FREE if you have unlimited internet. I guess folks think everyone does, but I sure don't. I like my little dashboard radio in the Rig. It gets NPR and enough music I enjoy to suit me. I hate those emails too and I think by law they have to have a place at the bottom where you can "unsubscribe". Try it, they should stop sending them to you. Pretty sure you can file a complaint if they don't.

  5. Go to the bottom of the email and click unsubscribe.

  6. You know I love bluegrass music, so in order to listen to what I like, I have to have a satellite radio, which, by the way, sits on the bluegrass station. I played it all night last night.

  7. I found a am/fm radio for under $20. at Walmart for camping as it will pick up weather stations which is my main concern. Nothing fancy and has dials.

    Yes you can unsubscribe on the bottom of these annoying e-mails but the type is really small, use a magnifier if you have too. And now they ask why you want to unsubscribe will yes you send to many of them a day.

  8. Glad there is a lull in the rain. It is not fun to be stuck in the freeway especially during rush hour and worst yet during heavy rain...that is one thing I don't miss about flat Houston.

    I listen to the radio in my alarm clock. Not too many stations in Del Rio but a whole lot from Mexico that I can pick up.