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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More about comments and google

Thanks to all who helped me test my comment section yesterday.  I heard that Google is going to come up with a different verification process that will just involve checking a box.  I'm not sure if it will matter whether or not the comments are imbedded in the blog, or in a pop-up box.  So we just have to wait and see, and deal with the changes as they occur, piecemeal, on our blogs. 

Google is large enough and rich enough that they don't really have to care whether we like it or not.  And I truly believe that most websites are geared towards younger folks who are likely to appreciate a new look or change more often than most.  Poor dears, it can be so boring to look at the same screen all the time.

It isn't only Google though.  I check weather.com on a daily basis, and look at the 10-day forecast for my zip code.  I liked the way it was - a day at a time down the page, and there was the width of the screen to give plenty of information and details.  Now they have the 10 days scrunched up in little boxes going across the top of the page.   You still have to scroll to see the entire 10 days because only 7 boxes fit on the screen at one time.   That certainly isn't a necessary change - just one to keep the developers busy and possibly easier to look at on a smart phone.

If it wasn't for the fact that I would lose contact with so many  of you wonderful folks who read my blog and whose blogs I read, I'd say "to hell with computers altogether".   I can live without reading the google news headlines, or checking the weather, and even without looking up the hundreds of little things I look up each day.  By the way, I don't "google" anything any more.  I have set "DuckDuckGo.com" to be my search engine.  It works about the same as google and it didn't take me long to get used to the slight differences.  

Duckduckgo doesn't keep any record of your searches, as does Google.   It doesn't show you any ads at all, whereas google can tailor the ads they show you according to what you have searched for in the past.  I don't like that at all, although I'm sure some folks don't mind it and, in fact, think it's great.  It's just a matter of choice and duckduckgo is my choice.

Speaking of weather reports, it looks like our forecast for rain has been set back a day or so, but when it hits it will be heavy with possible flooding in low-lying areas.  I don't know whether to cheer or to cry.   It's good to get the rain, but I'd like it better if I had an asphalt shingle roof!

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  1. With you all the way on all of it. The usefulness of the computer in paying my bills and doing email with family and friends is very heavily overshadowed by the irritations it brings into my life and the time it takes me to fix what they break or change what they force on me.