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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Visit from Tallulah

Julie & Paul ran into a lot of problems driving down from Carson City, NV yesterday and arrived several hours later than expected.  We had a great visit though, and when they left they went to Jeannie's house where they will be staying for two nights.  I'll see them again at the Secret Santa Christmas party this evening.

The first two photos below were taken using the memory card I tried  to jam in backwards!  The 3rd was taken with my big camera.  Tallulah (or Lula as my sister sometimes calls her) is only 6 months old and has some growing to do.  

(Click a photo to enlarge.)

She is a really sweet dog, but still a puppy with all the puppy energy and curiosity.  Julie was forever jumping up to get something out of her mouth - she loved the kids' crayons and all their art supplies  I store in the shelves under the coffee table.  I can't imagine what she will try to do with the Christmas tree and presents this evening, although she might be relegated to her crate for a while.

Last night I closed my bedroom door because the dog wanted to explore in the room, and when I tried to open it later on, I couldn't do it.  The door knob doesn't lock and I'm not sure what happened, but Paul took the handle off and I was able to get the door open.  For now I'm leaving it as is, with a round hole in the door where the handle should be.  I may just buy a new door handle rather than fool with the old one.  Interesting things can happen with a dog around!


  1. Is she a labradoodle? She's really darling but bigger than I would probably want since I always like to have a dog I can pick up and carry off if I need to.

  2. She is a cutie but all that energy would wear me out. I have all I can do to keep a senior dog under control for a couple of months. Have fun at your party tonight.

  3. Sure happy to see you didn't ruin the card. That camera takes really good pictures. nice and clear.
    That is going to be a big dog but she sure is pretty. I could never handle such a large dog and all that training. Have a wonderful evening

  4. What a cute dog!

    May you have a great time at the Secret Santa Christmas party tonight.