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Thursday, December 11, 2014

No trip to Oz for me (yet) (Updated)

I heard gusts of wind throughout the night, but nothing frightening or long lasting.  This morning I wouldn't know it was windy if I didn't see the palm trees, and even the crape myrtle in front of my kitchen window.   The rainfall looks heavy to me, but the KCRA weather commentators assure me we can handle it at the rate it is falling.  This should last all day, and i'm happy to see it.

Yesterday I went out in the morning, and saw guys with leaf blowers everywhere, and including in my neighborhood.  It seems that was the case all over Sacramento - people are trying to keep the storm drains from getting clogged.

Just to be on the safe side I gathered a few things, packed a small pack with a change of clothes, and collected the folders with my vehicle and house information, as well as my passport.  This morning I had to dig through the contents to get my meds and other necessary items to get me going for the day.  Better safe than sorry, and I'm glad I didn't have any problems at home.

At Noon I'm beginning to climb the walls.  I need to go to a few places - Home Depot, for one.  I haven't yet replaced the hummingbird feeder, and now and then a hummer drops by to see if I've put one back up.  

I also need to buy a few holiday greeting cards, one each for my grandsons in NY, and three for friends in Ireland.  I'll send New Year's greetings to Ireland because I don't know how long it will take them to get there.  The cards should arrive in Ireland in a week or less, but the long trek out to the end of beyond will no doubt add another week or so.  Other than those few, I don't send cards.

Should I stay or should I go?  The rain is still pouring down and I'd be crazy to go out in this, wouldn't I?

Update:  There was enough of a slow down in the rain that I headed out, first to Home Depot where I bought two h'bird feeders.  That will be one for the porch, and another one to hang on the awning in front of my kitchen window.  I don't know if the birds will visit that one, but I think some of them might.

I drove on to Costco and picked up two more shirts like the one I bought earlier in the week (and am wearing today).  It's a long sleeve scoop neck tee, wicks moisture, is warm yet very lightweight and silky.  I'm sure they aren't nearly as good as Capilene, but I can buy six of these for the price of one Capilene shirt on sale!  As a base layer and for wearing around a chilly house, they are fine.  I thought about going to Target but the rain got a little heavier and I decided to come on home.  There isn't a whole lot of traffic on the road, but some of the guys out there drive like a bat out of hell, splashing water on people's windshields and generally being a nuisance.


  1. I heard on the news about all the rain you were getting out your way and hope that your notorious mud slides would be kept to a minimum. I know you all needed rain and was glad you got some.

  2. I checked the weather station a couple times today to see what was happening on your end. I see the winds might be 60mph. glad you made it through that. Also said lots of snow in the mountains. all the things you need out there to help the drought.

    It was nice for you to be able to get out for a little bit it helps when the weather has been bad for days.
    Oh your robot thing is gone. YAY

  3. Now what did I do? Was typing a comment and poof...it went away :(

    I am glad you took provisions and packed a change of clothes and important documents. You may never need them but it is good to know that it is there should you require it.