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Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Joy!

I could hear the rain hitting the roof throughout the night, but by this morning it had stopped.  When I went out for some errands at about 10 am, the sun was shining!  Beautiful sunlight!   I have never minded rain although I can't say I like a full day of steady hard pouring rain - but the sun was a welcome sight today and lifted my spirits.

I think I just have two presents yet to buy and I'll be finished.  I got wrapping paper when I was out, and just realized I didn't buy name tags.  It seems I buy a huge package of them every year and no doubt I have tons of them somewhere.

It looks like it's So. Cal's turn to get the rain.  Unfortunately they also will get mudslides.  It happens nearly every year, whether or not a fire has burned the area.  People like to live in canyons and mountains that aren't stable enough to hold in the event of a lot of rain.

So much for the beautiful sunshine.  I just looked out to see wet streets.  I'm going out a bit later to get one of the two remaining presents, and I just hope I don't get into a blinding rain.

I don't have much to blog about so I'll make this a quick Friday post.  Have a great weekend, and anyone in Southern CA or in the path of a storm please take care.



  1. Your California rain is headed our way tonight but I don't think it's going to last very long. Moving pretty rapidly.

  2. The mud slides are really bad, They showed pictures on the news tonight. How sad but yes why build there in the first place. I just don't understand how some states allow these kinds of builds.

    Yes it is headed our way but I don't think it will be as bad as what you had.

  3. I agree with Jo. Some properties should be unavailable for building. And especially if the owners think they are going to get federal disaster tax payer funded relief to rebuilt them. One of my pet peeves especially as regards houses on the beach front and sand dunes. If you build it then you take the hit and don't ask me to insure you.

    1. Couldn't agree with you more Sherry. We read about some owners that get federal dollars over and over for their losses.


  4. I believe there's plenty of blame to go around in these situations. Agree that people should not be paid by FEMa for orperty damage, particularly on a 2nd or 3rd event. The Oso landslide last March was tragic; unforeseeable outcome on some level but on others, not a surprise at all. The area experienced landslides in 1996 but either people were not informed of that or they were & chose to ignore the implications. On the other hand, we had 22" (yup!) inches of rain that month, which was a record. Had it not been for that rain, the landslide might not have happened when it did.

  5. When you think about it, the same could be said of areas all over the country hit by disasters - New Jersey & Long Island (Hurricane Sandy), any of the barrier islands, New Orleans, Joplin, - anywhere that has experienced floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, volcanos, mudslides, forest fires, etc. Just about every area has been hit with some disaster, and it's unreasonable to think that people won't go back to those places and rebuild their homes. There just isn't a good answer.