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Monday, October 1, 2012

I saw Dr. G today

Dr. G is my eye surgeon, and I've met only one other doctor that I can remember who inspired so much confidence, and neither of them was arrogant.  I have been worried about what I think is a worsening of my vision, but according to all the tests they did today, my vision is still about 20/40.  The transplants look great, but since there was a bit of cloudiness on my right eye, he offered to do a laser treatment to break it up.  He had already done that on my left eye a while back.

He checked me for macular degeneration since I was worried because I found a website that said there could be a correlation between seniors' use of daily aspirin and macular degeneration.  He recommended I take a multivitamin with zinc, and gave me some samples to start with.  I think I'd better be thankful for what I can see and not worry about what I can't.  As long as I can still drive safely I'll be happy.

I have about a two week wait until I can expect to hear about the volunteer job I'm interested in, and will leave in 6 weeks if I get the job.  That will give me about 4 weeks to plan my trip, what to take, etc.  I'm okay with the outcome, either way.

Yesterday was Ara's birthday, and I was at Jeannie's house when we talked to her briefly.  She and Dylan were back in PA and had a wonderful trip, spending some time in Yellowstone.  I'm so anxious to hear more about that.  They had a problem at one of the Indiana toll booths, but it came out ok in the long run, after they had to submit to dogs checking her car.  I guess two young people traveling across country, looking like they had been camping at Yellowstone, arouses suspicions of dangerous, drug & gun totin' delinquents.  I don't think she or I will ever set foot in the state of Indiana again!

I think the fog is lifting from my life and the depressed state I was in is slowly disintegrating.  If you believe in astrology, the past few weeks have found many people in distressed and depressed mood.  If you don't believe in it, then just ignore this paragraph.

On the way to my appointment this morning I stopped at a camera store - one of my film cameras quit working and I had a partially used roll in it.  I hoped they could remove the film in the darkroom and develop what was on it.  I told the tech that I had put a new battery in the camera but that it still wouldn't turn on.  He took out the battery and checked it out, then reinserted it.  The camera opened and closed perfectly!  Evidently I had put the battery in backwards.  I remember not being able to see the + and - to indicate which end went which way - one of the many times my eyes fail to see the fine print.  I had planned to just trash the camera, but decided to finish the half-used roll of film which has 18 out of 36 pictures left on it.

Triple digit weather for today and the next two days while the northern plains is getting snow!  That's just too unfair.  I am so tired of hot weather.  Maybe I can slip in another camping trip, this time to someplace with few people around.

I couldn't read the ingredients in the vitamin capsules when I wrote the blog - either the dilation of my eyes or the laser treatment hadn't worn off yet.  Now I see that they are for an age related eye disease study; the vitamins in it are A, C, E, and Zinc, with trace amounts of a couple of other substances - copper and protein.  The brand he gave me are I-Caps.  I doubt I will be able to notice a difference but maybe they will prevent further damage to my eyes, but I will sure blog about it if anything noticeable happens. 


  1. As our need for doctors increases there is not much better than finding one that you both like and trust!

    I am also looking forward to cooler weather:)

  2. Gypsy,
    My mother's eye docs have all recommended I-Caps, and my own has me on a multi with lutein. My mother is 96 so I'd say her life-long vitamin habit including I-caps the last fifteen years have been pretty good insurance.


  3. I just may have to check out those I-Caps. My problem is floaters that are driving me crazy. Not any cooler here. Maybe someday.

  4. We are not getting snow here in IN but lots of rain. I had to turn the furnace on this am to get the chill out of the camper. Glad to hear you got a good report from the eye doctor.

  5. I can remember those triple digit days from when we lived in Sacramento. That's just too darn hot for too many days. What happened to fall. Here in Maryland we have been enjoying beautiful fall days in the mid to high 70's

  6. Oh poor you and that heat. No wonder you want to get away. Hope the job of your dreams materializes for real.

    I take lutein too because my father has macular degeneration. I'll have to check and see if he takes one of those baby aspirin. I hadn't read about that but thanks to you will look it up.

    Funny story about the camera. I put the batteries in backwards all the time. The only way I know is if the camera doesn't come on then I turn them around. LOL

  7. I carry a magnifying in Homer and my iPhone has an app that lights and magnifies... sigh

    Glad your coming out of 'it'