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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weird weather

While Sacramento was inundated with rain overnight and most of today, the Sierras are getting snowed in.   But the most surprising is that tornados have touched down in Yuba City,  about 50 miles north.  Then I heard on the weather channel that a possible tornado touched down in Elk Grove, just south of Sacramento.   I always thought I just had to worry about floods and earthquakes in California, but never tornados.   At least when I lived in country subject to tornados we had a basement!

I tried to start reading what I thought would be the last of the Nevada Barr books, I had to close it up and will return it to the library.   I have just had enough of the violence in her books .   I guess I need something light right now although I have really enjoyed reading her books - even though the action gets quite tense and over the top. 

I did a lot of laundry today and think I will start to separate some of the clothes I will take on my trip.  I had to dry everything in the dryer whereas I usually run it for 10 minutes and then hang the clothes on the line.  It had quit raining but the skies could have opened up at any time.

I will think about something to replace the rosebush when I get back from NY.   I might just plant something native to this area in a pot that I can move around if I want to, or I could get really silly and buy a couple of garden gnomes!

I hear rain hitting the roof again and wish it would just stay dry tonight.  I don't mind hearing rain on a shingle roof, but I hate the sound of it hitting this one and it doesn't help my sleep any, which is not good to begin with.  I wonder why I'm so tired in the daytime but having to get up every 1 to 2 hours during the night doesn't make for a good restful night. 

I'm trying to find a good photo of Lady so that I can make a nice collage with the snip of fur and paw print the vet sent to me.  I think I have other photos of her when she was much younger, but would have to look at all my flash drives to try to find them.  Any suggestions as to which of these two photos to use?  Would a younger one be better?  Thanks for any help you can give me.  


  1. I vote for the one with her on her bed and those bright eyes that look happy.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. I agree with Sam. Your post tonight looks like you typed it on a typewriter. How did you manage that?

  3. The one on the bed is my vote. That looks more like her to me. Couldn't believe when I heard about tornadoes in your area. Now we have a possible hurricane forming on the east coast.

  4. I also vote for Lady on her bed. She's beautiful and looking right at you. It looks like she is asking you a question. :)

  5. OK. I'll be the odd ball. I love the first one on the deck. Her expression is lovely. But, I'm not really a big fan of straight on photos, even with our critters. Mind you, you'll never get a pic of little missy straight on. She hates the camera and always turns her head. All our dogs have done that. Maybe that's why I like profile shots. :-)

  6. I think since there are some really nice picture frames that are double I would use them both. They are really different pictures. She was a beauty.
    I hope it turns out great for you.