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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last soccer game of season

Okay, you turn this way!

If I cover my face then I won't have to go for the ball!

No one on the green team is watching!

Ah, the joys of little kids' sports.   At least they don't keep score at this level.   There was an end-of-season party after the game which I didn't attend, but Donald made a cake that was outstanding and I will post a picture when Jeannie sends me one she took.  I had already set my camera to a sports setting and wasn't about to change it back and forth.  

I think I will really like the camera once I get used to it.   Of course it is much larger, heavier, and more unwieldy than a small point and shoot,   but it looks like I might be able to learn to take a few different kinds of shots which will be interesting.  I want to try some photos at night if possible.  There are a few stars and bright objects visible in the night sky here, more than in many cities, but the sky is still too bright to see most constellations.

 I enjoyed an evening with Steve, Meg & Liam, and a wonderful meal.  I even had an uneventful drive home in the dark!


  1. I like the idea of not keeping score. With sports, there always has to be a winner & there always has to be a loser. By not keeping score, everybody turns out to be a winner.

  2. Me too. I wish we wouldn't keep score in any sports. Why can't we just do it for fun for X amount of time and then that's it.

    I do wonder about organized sports of young children and whether they should just be out using their imaginations to make things up rather than learning "rules" at such an early age.

    Can't wait to see the cake!

  3. Reminds me of Todd's t-ball games. It was hysterical watching those little ones run the wrong way, not pay attention, and really could have cared less because they were busy talking to each other. Such fun.

  4. I like one player games where you only play against yourself and try to better your last best score. That way I am the only winner or loser.

  5. I love taking pictures at night and experimenting with different objects.
    That is good they don't keep score they get competitive soon enough.

  6. oh, baruther ... I remember those days... watching a butterfly go by instead of the ball... HAhaaa