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Friday, September 28, 2012

Thanks to all who have responded to my dilemma with blogging.  I can only think it is something to do with my computer and the way it is set up - Blogger doesn't work correctly when I use Firefox, but it does when I use Safari.  I'm learning to get around the little glitches, so instead of starting a post from my blog page (which I can no longer do), I kind of back into it with a link found in the History section - it sends me to Blogger.com/blogspot.g? and then a whole bunch of letters and numbers.  It works and gets me to the page where I can start a post.   Irritating, but I don't care any more.

I heard back from both jobs I have an interest in - the timing of the one I really want would have me working over Christmas (as I did at Ft. Pulaski).  It doesn't matter much to me where I am on December 25th, as I don't celebrate it as a religious or a secular holiday (except when I'm with my grandkids, and their contentment and happiness takes precedence over anything I might feel).

I'll tell the world right away when I find out what my next volunteer job will be, but I'm sure not going to jinx it at this point.

I don't know what happened today, but I'm getting spam comments at a pretty fair rate.  Most of them get picked up by Blogger's spam filter, but a few haven't been detected.  I'm sure at least half of them are done in mean-spiritedness, but I wonder if anyone thinks I will buy something or click on a link because they write a comment or send me an email.

This weekend I hope to take some pictures with my new camera.  I don't know what there is around here to photograph - the western sky at sunset is unbelievable, but I've taken and posted enough pictures of it that I want something new.  I guess I'll have to think outside the box.  Whatever it is, I hope I can keep from posting eleven pictures exactly the same.  I still can't see them in my blog.


  1. Just relax and look around. There's always something to take a picture of...or eleven. :)

  2. Thanks for not giving up! Do hope you get the job you want. I'll bet you figure out how to put the pictures on. You're a smart lady who doesn't quit until she succeeds.

  3. I can't wait to see pictures with the new camera. With the lenses you have try birds or close up of flowers. There are so many things to photo.

    I have also been having problems posting photos but I can see them.
    Good Luck

  4. Just saying hello and I'm still here! ;)