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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to running the swamp cooler

After a week or so of cooler temperatures, it's back to the 90's today and I decided to run the cooler.  Tomorrow will start another downward trend that will leave us in the upper 50's and rain by next Tuesday.  I'm not ready for rain but it will do the landscaping some good since I don't water anything outdoors.

The shower was wonderful this morning, and surprisingly my head didn't foam up when the water hit it.  My hair looks so much shinier and alive today - in fact I look shinier and more alive!

I had a lengthy and intensive phone interview this morning for the summer job I had applied for with the Park Service.  I really think I would love the place and do an excellent job, but I can only figure I'll get it if it's meant to be.  Unfortunately I have to wait a week or so before they make the final decision on summer staffing.

I tried removing the ban on anonymous comments earlier today and within the first half-hour had two spam comments.  Needless to say I'm not going back to that so it looks like the anonymous ban is back to stay.  Does anyone have a clue how one person can be singled out like that?  I've never really had a problem before, and an occasional spam is something I can deal with and delete.  But many multiple comments?

I did some yard work in response to the Park Police's visit this morning.  For my efforts I got stuck and was bleeding in 3 places.  I still have a thorn from a rose bush in one finger.  My son said he will come over and help me this coming weekend - it isn't weeds but more like little clumps of dead grass here and there.  Some come up easily and some don't, and the grasses in the rose bush are impossible.  The former owner left an old shovel that is rusty and nearly worthless to me since I can't put enough weight on it to dig out the bush.  That's what I will ask Steve to do.

While working I stopped short when I notice an interesting bug - I've seen them before but can't remember what they are called.  They blend in so well with the surroundings it's hard to spot them.

You need to click on the picture to get a larger view.  I tried using the leaf blower to blow away all the debris, but I have to admit I can't handle one of those things AT ALL.  I had leaves & stuff all over the street, and managed to get most of it swept up, but I just can't seem to be able to control anything.  It needs a super low speed that doesn't make everything fly through the air.  If anyone knows what that bug is I'd appreciate hearing about it.  The last I saw of him he was climbing up my porch steps.

I just can't help myself - I mapped out a tentative route to take from here to NY via Kentucky, where I hope to visit my elderly aunt.  I did it in Mapquest and will probably follow at least some of the route.  I had thought about swinging way down south and going through Louisiana and Mississippi, but when you look at the lines on the U.S. map it shows a big dip down and then back up again.  Too much time and too much fuel for this trip, although the weather might require it.  That will be for another time, possibly on my way back to the west coast next September or October.  I know I'm jumping the gun but I just can't help myself!

Because my camera didn't come with a full user guide, I downloaded it from the internet and printed all 151 pages of it.  I should probably get a 3 ring binder to hold the pages - not something you can put into your pocket while out for the day though.  I need to start reading and highlighting what I think I will use.  With the I-Mac I have a newer version of iPhoto which I don't really care for.  I'm thinking of eventually having my laptop refurbished and the hard drive reinstated, although I doubt if I can go back to the older technology and software versions.  It's sort of like Google and Blogger - you will change when THEY decide you will change, like it or not. 


  1. I'm thinking with your recent shampoo episode you're much shinier than that rather pale praying mantis! :)

    In trouble with the weed police again? Titch titch!