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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time Warp

I went to a Hallmark store today trying to find a Welcome Home card and wrapping paper with a patriotic theme.  They had a whole display of greeting cards, but not one sheet of suitable wrapping paper.  I went up to a clerk and showed her the card I was holding, and asked if they had wrapping paper suitable for someone coming home from Vietnam.   We both stood in silence for a second, and then I'm not sure who laughed the loudest.   Is this a sign of advancing age?

I also picked up couple of new maps at AAA, and asked about camping books.   AAA and Woodalls evidently have formed a partnership, and produced regional camping books that are about the same as Woodalls' large directory, but since they cover a much smaller area of the country, the print is easier to read.  I looked at a few localities when I got home and found that some campgrounds offer the AAA discount, but many of them say "No tent camping". I wonder how they would feel about a modified SUV or van camper, but then if they don't want me in my tent, I don't want them.   I would definitely prefer to set up my tent except in rainy  or very cold weather.   I actually don't mind sleeping in a tent during a rain, but setting up and taking down would be uncomfortable.    I've already found some promising sites for my next trip, although as always, weather will determine the route.  I really want to try for more National and State parks this time.

For some reason I am getting tons of spam comments.  So far today I have deleted about 20 of them from the spam folder.  I notice that before the new blogger interface I rarely got spam, although I know some folks did and I got one now and then.    I've also figured out the problems I have with new blogger must be related to Firefox, which is my default browser.  When I use Safari I can at least get to the "new post" page, although when I get there I don't know which way to turn unless I'm strictly creating a new post and don't need to do anything else.

The weather has turned blessedly cool and the trend should continue for at least several days.  This is Sacramento, so I won't get too complacent and think the unbearable heat is over for the year.

NOTE:  The number of spam comments has reached 25 for today.  I will wait and see if it dies down tomorrow, and if not I will not accept anonymous comments for a while.  I hate to do it, but it's really aggravating, and the comments are all trying to sell  the same thing.  


  1. I've been getting more spam, also. It goes to my email but it does not show up on the blog. They are all selling stuff or wanting me to go look at a website, which I do not do, who knows what the link it.

  2. I probly got me some that spam too, but I ain't gonna go check. Long as I don't see it and it don't make it to my blog, I'm good.

  3. Best thing I did awhile back was to disallow Anonymous comments & I haven't had a problem with spam ever since.

  4. All of a sudden now when I email you I have to put in those awful numbers/letters before it lets the email go through. So wonder if that is related to your problem on your end. It says there is ''suspicious''
    activity! Say what? Are you hiding something.... :)))

  5. Hey Gypsy you won't find anything for returning Viet Nam vets, When I came back I hung up my uniform and went to the VFW with my Dad and celebrated with a beer. Fortunetly where I grew up it was all ww2 vets and the respected us.Now it is better. Went to Branson MO. last year for veterans week and they just about gave all the Viet Nam Vets a key to the city it ws so good, even my wife Donna was impressed and i gt to meet four old my old Navy Flyer buddies.I must say we are old now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  6. You may get the spam emails, but Blogger is pretty good about not allowing the comments to show up on the blog. 25 in one day is a lot though.