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Friday, October 5, 2012

My lucky day

First of all, since the first 19 spam comments I received this morning, I changed the settings to disallow anonymous comments and haven't gotten n'ary a one since.

Second, I took a look at the four used books by Nevada Barr, putting them in chronological order.  For some reason I picked up the second book in the stack and looked at the synopsis on the back cover, and while I was handling the book it opened to reveal a $5 and two $1 bills!   I consider my luck to be running pretty high when money falls into my lap.  But then I'm a person who will stop  when I see a penny lying in the street, and I repeat the incantation that every kid knows, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck."

I've been trying to map out a route or two with the intention of visiting as many national parks & monuments as I can without zig-zagging too badly.  It's impossible to not zig-zag, but I'd like to map it out in a logical way if I could.   The overview maps - USA and Regional) don't show all the little roads, which are the way to get in to most national parks.   I have large maps of all the individual states, but that doesn't always help because the border doesn't always indicate how close a park is on the other side.   Another consideration is the time of year and the weather.  I won't ever travel during the summer months again if I can help it, and many of the parks close in the fall because of snow, which leaves me just a small window of opportunity in those areas, i.e., the far north and the southwest, plus those in the mountain ranges.  

I can always see a few of them on my way to and from NY next September,  and I'm thinking maybe I should just devote an entire year of traveling the country in search of national parks, monuments, battlefields, and so on.  Have any readers ever undertaken to map out a logical route for this purpose?  I'd love to get comments and suggestions, and if you don't want to comment, my email address is listed on the front page of my blog.  And thanks for any help.


  1. I'd probably do it by regions or states at a time. Doing the whole country would be a little overwhelming to me especially if you eliminate the summer...

  2. Oh my there are SO many national parks and monuments I can't imagine you could do them all in a year without spending most of your time driving. I once thought I would do all the National parks and National Wildlife Refuges and then I got maps showing how many there were of both and then I wasn't so sure about the "all" part of it. But it's fun to dream and plan isn't it??

  3. We have been concentrating on California. Not to mention the State Parks and beaches! What a wealth of beauty.

  4. Marti, do you read RV Sue and her Canine Crew? I suggest it because of her little Casita trailer that she boondocks all over with.... A single gal that is a full timer....