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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bless my eye surgeon

It could be my imagination but I think my vision is somewhat better today, which makes my mood better as well.  I'm glad I asked him to go ahead with the laser treatment when I was there yesterday.

Before I even had coffee this morning I decided to walk, so at 7 am I walked a little over a mile and a half around the development.  It was a good time to go as there was no traffic, and no other walkers.  One lady was out arranging a hose in her front yard and just stared at me when I smiled, waved and said hello.  It brings out negative feelings against seniors, and damn, I are one!  If many are like the ones I encounter then we must have a really bad reputation.

I did some more hacking away at a couple of overgrown bushes in my back yard.  I think they are some sort of camellia, which should be pretty, but I remember the few blossoms I had last year weren't nice at all.  Maybe hacking it down some will have a good effect on it.  I can only work for a short while because even though the air is cool, the sun is really hot.  Tomorrow if I can get out there early I will get the ladder out so I can level off the tops of the bushes.

I got out my entire collection of AAA maps today and had them spread all over the living room floor.  It took a while but I finally had them sorted by region and state, and then kept the latest version of each.  The rest went into a stack for donation to Goodwill.  I don't know if they would even take them, but if I can drop them off and get away real quick then they can do what they want.  Some of them go back to 2004, about the time I started driving from Asheville to Sacramento every year.  I doubt there is much difference between the older and newer versions, although the inset maps of large cities might have been "improved" somewhat.

I need to get a decent campground guide, but not one that is targeted for big rigs.  I'd also prefer one that has all the forest service and other govt. campgrounds.   Somewhere I had picked up a book on camping in the southwest which I was looking through this afternoon.  It is well arranged and I'm highlighting those in New Mexico that sound interesting to me.  They include government, both federal and state, as well as private sites.  I would really like to see more of the national parks and monuments this year.  Since I could very well be making two cross country trips next year, I should  be able to take in a few of them.

I'm planning to grill mahi mahi this evening.  I bought charcoal a couple of days ago and never could get it to light, so I ended up using my oven.  Tonight I'm determined to try it again, because mahi mahi is superb when grilled.  The marinade I concocted tastes good enough to eat by itself!  Due to the great size of the fish and the increased chance for mercury pollution, I try to eat it less often but since I got the marinade down pat I think it's one of the tastiest kinds of fish I fix.  They are all good!

I love it when things are on the upbeat.  If I could only muster up some energy to do a bit of cleaning! 


  1. I just can't understand why people wouldn't say hello to a neighbor walking by no matter what their age.

    There are so many books on campgrounds in the book stores. I'd love to know the names of any you find that you really like. I love looking through them. Actually I love the planning part of RVing almost as much as the doing. Well maybe not as much as the being there but probably more than the driving there part. Perhaps it's the dreaming and anticipation.

  2. You know you did hit the nail on the head. I think we seniors are some of the most unfriendly people. I don't know why or understand it. I always wonder if they/we are depressed???
    Not sure. Have missed hearing from you. You mad at me?? :))

  3. So glad the eye is better today. Elephant Butte State Park near Truth or Consequences, NM!! Love it.

  4. I don't normally iniate conversations with anyone but if someone says hello, goodmorning or waves, I always cordially respond. I do not like & have no tolerance for rude behaviour by anyone whether it be a neighbor, a stranger, another driver, a retail clerk, or a fellow Blogger. (as we both know:))

  5. Better not do too munch cleaning, that would mess up your feel good day.

  6. It's great to know you're still planning trips. We'll be staying closer to the East coast, NY, PA, MA etc. Maybe we can meet up again.

    I'm so glad you're eyes are better, that's great news.