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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roof repairs

I thought I'd write a short post today to let you know I'm still here, but barely.  I don't know what it is, but I have been feeling terrible!  Steve was here on the weekend and power washed and scraped the roof, and then rolled on the coating and caulked seams, vents, etc.  We're expecting showers tomorrow so I will find out how well it will hold.  

My muscles ache so that I can barely move and I guess I can attribute it to bending over to pick up all the pieces of roof, and to get everything into trash bags.  I have developed a really deep cough and it feels like it could turn into bronchitis.  I don't know if I could drive downtown to where my doctor's office is, and i'm thinking of going to an urgent care facility closer to home.

Last night I was watching the Weather Channel and started feeling pretty bad.  I took my blood pressure and found it pretty high, considering I take bp medicine.  I rested a few minutes and took it again, and found it higher so I took another dose of bp meds.

I was feeling bad enough that I got together all my medical insurance cards, drivers license, stent implant card, etc., plus wrote a list of emergency numbers, the meds I take, etc.  I left the front door unlocked, and of course I have a phone beside the bed.  I took a benadryl tablet and some cough syrup with codeine, and got a wonderful night's sleep, although I don't feel all that great as the morning goes on.

I'm planning to leave on my trip in one week, and honestly don't know how I will make it if I don't start to improve.

I hope everyone in the east survived Sandy without too much damage.  


  1. You need to look after yourself and find out what's wrong before you get on the road. The East isn't the place to be right now anyway.

  2. I agree with Sandra. You take extra care of yourself and get feeling better. That is an order!!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you are not over-medicating yourself. Seems to me you should put your trip on hold for several reasons. I know from experience how hard that is but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. It isn't as if you have to give it up for good. Look after yourself I enjoy your Blog so don't get too sick.

  4. You may have breathed in some asbestos or other toxins from the roofing material that is playing havoc with your lungs. Were you wearing any sort of protection over your nose while you were picking up the discarded roofing? If you go to a medical facility, please be sure to tell them of this exposure. It could be very important.

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie  <-- Alpine, Arizona


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  5. Please go to the doctor and find out what is wrong before going anywhere.

  6. Sounds like you need a visit to the doctor. I hope you haven't over medicated, it's easy to do when you don't feel good. I agree, you may have breathed in some toxic dust. Have everything checked out before you trip.

  7. Oh Gypsy I can hear how frustrated you are at not feeling well and fear it may affect your trip.

    I would think a quick CBC would tell a doctor if something is out of line. If you don't feel better in a day or two, I'd go get checked.

    So sorry to hear this.

  8. Sounds lie a trip to the doc is definitely in order!

  9. I'm not sure I'd want to drive back east right now. Is the area you're visiting affected by the storm? If so, it could be a nightmare right now.

    Please see your doctor before you leave - a clean bill of health will be a good thing when you're away from home. :)