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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Get a move on!

That's what I keep telling myself.  I plan to leave in about 10-12 days from now, and will just get there the easiest way possible, hopefully not over I-80.  I had vowed I would never again drive through Bakersfield or Barstow, but I may do it after all and take I-40 part of the way, at least to Memphis.  I just can't get myself to pack anything yet.

I went walking at Mather Field yesterday when Jeannie got off work.  We walked about an hour at what was a good clip for me - probably 3 mph.  I finally sat down on a bench after about 45 minutes and Jeannie walked on until the hour was up.  She really picked up the pace after I stopped - that girl can move!  She looks beautiful when she walks, and you can just see the energy emanating from her.

I'm making berry muffins for my breakfast this morning but read the instructions wrong and added about 1/4 cup more milk than was called for.  I may be eating them with a spoon, but I'll eat them.

I got my hair trimmed yesterday and it sure looked good.  Not much taken off, but just shaped up a bit.  

I'm back home after walking with Jeannie again tonight.  I was able to walk about 47 minutes before crapping out this evening.  I think I kept up the pace pretty well, but my legs were still feeling last night's walk.  

I'm getting a late supper, so I will just publish this and go eat.


  1. That is fantastic....Art and I keep talking that we need to get out and walk. Being back home now for over a week...well we haven't had any time. Babysitting tomorrow. That should give us exercise :)

  2. I usually walk about 45 minutes every day, but it is on a treadmill in front of the TV. I would rather be out in a park somewhere!

  3. Let us know when your route to go east is mapped out, if you take I-70 which should be good this time of the year, maybe you can stop at the Ranch for a couple of days, we have a guest room so you don't need an RV.Plus Rigg's will join you if you leave the door cracked. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. We are morning walkers & while on the road traveling from Point A to Pont B we often miss that. By the time we get to Arizona my legs will feel like mush, I think it's important to walk at this age to keep the cobwebs & rust from forming in the joints.

  5. Good for you for walking so much, it's so good for us! Unfortunately I've been lazy, I've gained 6 pounds over the summer! I think its because I was just unable to exercise much at the higher elevations. It took me months to acclimate, I was out of breath a lot. Now that I'm back at Quartzsite, I'm walking more and hope to get those 6 pounds off. :)

  6. I do wish I would walk steadily like that each day! I do a lot f exploring but in bits ... I used to and always felt so good when I did.

    You don't like to fly? or take Amtrak? You seem to just drive yourself ragged driving out there ... a bazillion miles a day...

    When I hang up my wheels.. I'm going to seriusly check into Amtrak passes. I've heard they are really a good deal.