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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When it rains, it pours!

The rain yesterday just didn't let up, and the opposite window, on the driveway side of the house, began leaking really badly. I knew there was severe water damage to the paneling, and one reason this is the last room I'm going to paint is because I have to replace sections of paneling. I needed roller skates to get back and forth between windows, the wads of paper towels got soaked as soon as I got them into place. I did place cups to catch drips, but I think on at least one of the windows there was more rain coming in at the lower part of the window.

This morning was clear and the sun came out, so I got the ladder out, the plastic sheeting, and the duct tape, and I have a fine looking redneck fix!

The window that has been leaking all along has this ugly slat-type awning, which makes it difficult to do anything there. When Donald caulked the window he had to get on the roof to access the top of the window. Another problem is that there is gravel on this side of the house, and I don't feel comfortable moving the ladder around on it, nor does it feel steady. The other window was easy enough to cover as it is on the driveway side and the ladder was steady.

Lady wasn't out long this morning when she stepped on something (?), and has been limping pretty badly and she absolutely won't even let me look at it. When we went out this afternoon she didn't limp quite as much, but it is still bothering her.

My daughter and her family flew to Florida last night for my niece's wedding next week, and she called me this morning to tell me they arrived safely. I had asked her to call as I would be worried until I heard from her. A mother never stops worrying!

Autumn is excited about being the flower girl. During this week they plan to visit Disney World and other tourist traps in the area. I'm a person who wouldn't go near a Disney park, although I did take my two youngest sons with me on a business trip to Tampa back in the 1980's, and we spent a day at Epcot, visited Sea World, and Busch Gardens. I think we all preferred being at the motel in Cocoa Beach, where the boys loved the beach access just in back of our motel. I don't know what Cocoa Beach is like now, but then it seemed to still have a 1950's look and feel about it, and we absolutely loved it. Cape Canaveral was a highpoint as well.

I think yesterday's post mentioned that I have Springer Fever and long to backpack the Appalachian Trail again. I've decided that I will attempt it next year - 2013 - and if I still feel this way in the fall, I will begin to get the gear together. I couldn't count the times since 1997 and now that I've made this decision, but it gives me something to look forward to. So you can believe it when I actually do it! And laugh at me if I don't.


  1. Go for it! Even if you don't do the entire thing, it will be an adventure. I'm aiming for 2015, or before if I get the money together to retire. That is the year I turn 60. My original plan had me hiking in 2010, but, well, that didn't pan out. If I was in the States now I'd probably at least run over and hike the approach trail. But, that's easy to say since I'm not.

  2. Wow, hiking that trail is e ery outdoosman's dream. Will you start in Main or

  3. I was trying to ask if you were going to start in Maine or Georgia? Or just part of it?

  4. Get out of town! How way cool would that be!

    I'ma rooting for you. From the posts I've read ... if you make your mind up to do something... you WILL do it..

    outstanding.. ;)

  5. I will be glad to follow along with you via your blog posts. That will work for me. Hope you get that stupid windows under control before the rain does too much damage.

  6. What a wonderful dream, to look forward to!
    Do whatever it takes on those windows...can't have all that water inside.