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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Forward motion

I am getting close enough to departure to realize I need to make some forward motion each day. With that in mind, I took my Highlander to Les Schwab this morning to have the tires and pressure checked. The tires are in great shape but needed air, which they cheerfully took care of.

Then on to the Dollar Store, where among other things I found a set of 4 covered plastic refrigerator containers for $1, which will be good for keeping Lady's canned dog food in during the trip. Each day I can scoop out some to add to her dry food and throw the container away when it is empty. I looked for some type of rack I can put into the cooler to set above the ice and keep foods above the water line, but the store is going through a remodeling and I couldn't find anything. I did get a couple of small plastic baskets to store items in that I need to be able to reach quickly - cell phone & charger, notebook and pens, etc. My maps & motel guides go in the big pocket on the driver's door, where they are immediately available to me. I usually fold the map to the area I'm driving through and then re-fold it to the next section when I'm at the motel. For the bulk of the driving I will use the triptik but it is also essential to have a larger map available in case I want to take another route in case of snow, or just for a change of scenery.

Last night I was setting up for my P.M. stretch, and set down the throw rug I keep beside my bed. Before I could lay the yoga mat on top of that Lady had walked over and got herself comfortable for the next hour or two. I didn't have the heart to make her move, and I ended up doing my stretch later than I had intended, so Lady could stretch out.

I finished the last bowl of minestrone soup for lunch today. I have the ingredients I need to make another batch, and may just go for it. It is so nice to heat up a big bowl for lunch.

I thought I would share something sent to me in an email today. It sure makes sense to me.

"No matter what you are looking at, you can find something wrong with it, something imperfect, something that is not okay with you. Don't worry, if you look hard enough you'll find it.

There is also something 'right' with everything. No matter what you are looking at, you can find something right with it, something perfect.

There remains, then, only one question: What are you going to look at? What are you choosing to notice? What is your perspective?"


  1. I always try to look on the bright side of things, my wife does all the worrying for us both.

  2. I think perspective is very important. You can be a prune, or you can be a plum! :)

  3. She's sure a lucky lady that you put off your PM stretches in favor of her choice of spot for a nap!

  4. Just a suggestion. Get a box of snack bags with a zipper closure. (They are 1/2 of sandwich bag.) Portion out one serving of Lady's canned food in each bag and freeze. Then each night, just open one and dump the contents on her food. I find the ones at Target are a little heavier than those at the grocery store. For the cooler, get a plastic shoe box to serve as a rack and keep things out of the water. Either let it float, or cut holes in the bottom so that it will sink in the cold water.

  5. Sounds like you are ready to go, with a bright smile:)

  6. I try to look at things realistically. That may not set well with a lot of positive/negative type thinkers, but it makes a whole lot of sense to me...

  7. Perspective is everything.
    I too use tithe snack size bags,put several in a freezer bag and freeze,taking one out at a time. ( but it is for my food)
    I also use dry ice in the cooler (less mess) they sell it at the grocery store. I think they have it at the bel Aire near you.

  8. Lady looks pretty danged comfortable, I can see why you didn't want to disturb her. awwwww

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. I love the perspective quote. I have a sister-in-law who always looks at the negative and it is depressing and wears you out to talk to her on the phone or in person even though you love her. She doesn't understand why people don't show up to visit more often. On the other hand, it makes one appreciate their own life more.

  10. lol on freezing your dog food on your trip....

  11. Lady needs to "stretch" also and get ready for the trip. That's just funny. And I'm getting more and more excited for you.