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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend coming up!

What a day I've had. After walking Lady and having a quick breakfast I had to get a shower and dressed for the funeral of my cousin. While waiting for the Lasko heater to warm up the bathroom I decided to try doing some jumping jacks. I figured I had exactly enough room. In last Sunday's Parade Magazine, along with the recipe for minestrone soup, was a little section on exercises that are really good to do. There were 3 of them - jumping jacks, the plank position (yoga), and push-ups. So this would be a great time to do the jumping jacks, you know, get the old heart pumping!

I couldn't believe what happened. I couldn't do the jumping jacks, because I couldn't coordinate the arm and leg movement. Have you ever heard of such a thing - when my hands came together my feet were not where they should be. I used to coach a girls' 6/7 yr old soccer team and they could do jumping jacks, for god's sake!

I went to the funeral and did fine until about half way there the sky became overcast. Whether it was coincidental or not, my vision blurred up, but I made it to the church where the viewing and service took place. I stayed for both but decided not to go to the funeral home for the Celebration of Life service, as by that time I just wanted to get back home. Driving from my house to there involved crossing I-80 at one of the most confusing and difficult sections, but I made it ok except for one little close call! I was so happy to pull in to the mobile home park.

I ate lunch and took a nap, then walked the dog. I decided to try the jumping jacks again, in the wide open living room where I have lots of space. (I don't give up easily, although I usually whine a bit before trying again.) Glory be! I did it, I had absolutely no problems and my hands and feet were perfectly coordinated! I'm ok! What would seem like nothing to an 8 year old made me so happy I nearly cried. I did 10 jumping jacks, and then when I looked at the magazine article I saw they recommended starting out with 5 minutes of the exercise. Five minutes would bring on a heart attack I am sure, so tomorrow I will try to do 15 JJ's, then 20, and so on. No way will I ever be ready for 5 minutes of them. As far as the other two exercises, I do the plank position with my stretch routine every morning, and I am getting my upper arms back into shape for the push ups.

So I'm now at another weekend and I need to start cleaning in preparation for leaving my house for a while, as well as getting laundry done and summer clothes ready to pack. It's not easy to pack for overlapping seasons, and just requires taking more clothes. Then there is my car which needs to be cleaned out, oil change, and tire check.

It looks like tomorrow will bring more rain that will continue through the next week. I just wish it would be a nice gentle rain that falls on and off.


  1. I had to laugh at your jumping jack problem. I remember the same thing happening to me. I had to stand there, think, and move my arms and feet sloooowly to make sure they were going in the right direction. Once you get it, you're okay, but it does feel strange to have to stop and think about it.

    (I just tried 5 - did okay. That's not a bad exercise to do in a motor home, the aisle is perfect.)

  2. Good for you!!
    Just keep at it and you'll get up to that 5 minutes. 2 months ago I started my kickboxing class and could only do 1 pushup.....now I'm up to 15 and very proud of those 15! Planks are the worst though.

  3. Well? I had to try it... I got lots of stuff that jumps ... man

    I did five ... holy moly.. I used to do a gazillion of 'em but they were in the pool! love water exercises

    I'm actually out of breath! doing five! jeeeez

  4. Enjoying your posts. You have
    great sense of humor that makes
    me get the giggles, especially about the jumping jacks. Things are just different as we get a wee
    bit older. NEVER thought that would happen! lol
    Now, I will have to try them.

  5. I can't do even one pushup. I've started using a counter or something to put my hands on and pushing up from there. I was up to 10 like that easily, but stopped with the move. I'll get back on it today. I figure when I can do 20 upright pushups I'll tray a 'girly' pushup on the ground. That's from the knees up.

  6. Same thing happened to me when I tried to go bowling a few years ago. I used to be a fairly good bowler, but now it's a toss up whether I or the ball will go rolling down the alley! :)

  7. Now, i DID see those exercises. lol.

  8. I just want you to know I have always had trouble doing jumping jacks. I cannot get my arms and legs to do them correctly at the right time. It's terrible being so uncoordinated.