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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've had a good day!

I ordered my Triptik, and visited my doctor. She was very agreeable today, but convinced me to see a hematologist, which I will. I didn't realize that the hematology dept. is supposed to get the referral (which they did), then evaluate it and call me to set up an appointment. So I called the number given to me by the doctor and nearly dropped to the floor when they answered "Cancer Dept"! I talked with the person on the other end of the line, and it seems that the two departments are in the same building, or maybe in some way connected. I made sure I emphasized to my doctor that under no circumstance will I ever agree to chemotherapy or radiation, so I hope she isn't sneaking something in on me.

The main thing is that today I feel absolutely wonderful and healthy! I'm also very happy and am not going to worry about anything but plan to enjoy my life as long as I am in this plane of existence.

I knew if I left my vehicle dashboard clock alone it would sooner or later tell me the correct time, and it is now telling the correct time. Before long I'll be having to add an hour every time I go through a new time zone. When that happens I have to get out the user manual to see how to do it. My Jeep Grand Cherokee was so user friendly - great dials and easy to figure out features. I have always missed that Jeep.

I still have a problem with water leaking in one of my windows. The outside is caulked so it isn't getting in that way. I think it's the metal window frames - maybe there is some sort of sealant that has worn away? The bottom right hand corner is moist, and I folded up a paper towel to see if it got damp, and sure enough it did. Replacing that window is going to be the first thing I will take care of when I return this summer. There will always be something!


  1. If all you need are some vitamins, its worth the visit for the blood tests so that you can feel better while you travel.

  2. I would have dropped to my knees too if I had heard that! Seems as though they could answer with a better greeting! jeez

    I suppose being anemic has been ruled out?

    My Mother went through a terrible bout with being anemic until she was put on a high iron diet.

    She even ate raw beef liver - chopped very fine ... she hated it and started studying about natural remedies took Brewer's yeast and a bunch of stuff... she got over it and lived to 96 and a half years old.

    Getting on the road will be good stuff!

  3. So glad you hear you had such a great day. We never get out of Costco for under $200. We try not to go very often. Got to meet Susan and Ted today.

  4. It is a reality to hear that answer when you call in once you have been told you have cancer.... Like all the other things in life, you just move on and do what you have to do. And, you will do what they say when the time comes because the alternative isn't too desirable. But lets hope you never have that diagnosis, and a little blood work fixes you right up!

  5. Great message to us all...don't worry about anything but enjoying life for as long as we are here to do so. I'm with you!!!