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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food choices

I just read the blog "In the Shadows", and thought I would add an experience I'm having with food. As I've written before, I rarely buy packaged foods, although you are really stuck buying such items as crackers. In her blog, Shadowmoss describes the difficulty in eating what is good for you while living in Honduras.

Upon hearing that I haven't felt well, Jeannie brought me a container of soup that Donald made, and it is so delicious and nourishing. But I like crackers with soup, and I have a box of Keeblers buttery crackers on hand. They are sort of oval shaped, and taste good with soup or slathered in peanut butter. I have avoided reading the ingredients because I knew I'd be turned off, which I certainly was.

The ingredients in these crackers include: sugar, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup! Is that a triple whammy or what? If a person was trying to control their weight, much less their nutrition, they would have a difficult time justifying this innocent, delicious tasting little cracker that contains basically wheat flour and sugar!

There is a brand of organic crackers that I buy most of the time, except the price is high and the amount of crackers is few, which is why I succumbed to the invitation of the Keebler Town House Light Buttery Crackers to "buy me". I will not buy Keeblers in the future, and I am contemplating writing to the company and telling them I don't understand the necessity for three different kinds of sugar in their crackers.

When Jeannie brought me the soup she said she will try to get over this weekend and help me with the painting, so I took a few more cabinet doors down and cleaned them plus a couple of short wall spaces. I should probably just do all the cabinets at once, but I just don't have a place to line them up as they are undergoing the various coats of primer and paint.

I also sort of washed off my Highlander so that I can apply the new license plate stickers. I say "sort of washed" because I am in no way claiming to do a decent job of cleaning my car. In fact, as I have noticed with the painting, I am able to be completely satisfied with a sometimes half-assed job! Chalk it up to getting older I guess - if I can't see the imperfections very well, then I'm happy.

I'm happy, I'm well, I'm healthy, I'm prosperous, I'm pretty, I'm tired!


  1. Corn syrup is bad because it comes from corn which is universally contaminated by mold. It is stored in silos and even grows mold on the ears when they are still in the field. Corn and its products are the very worst and peanuts run a close second. Use almond butter instead. It is a tree nut, unlike peanuts which are lagumes and grow under ground exposed to mold.

  2. OMG DD!!! And i've been LOVING my corn on the cob! Been so long since i had had it.

  3. Do the organic crackers not have any sugar in them?

  4. I got so aggravated when I start reading ingredients. I've been doing this for quite some time. Sourdough crackers I get at Whole Foods is about the only cracker -- well? the rice crackers without a bunch of added ingredients.

    In fact, sourdough bread has the least amount of ingredients period. I also like rice cakes - unsalted.

    I also make cornbread with just cornmeal, eggs, buttermilk and a bit of soda.

    This doesn't keep me from brownies and pie... I do wish I could fix THAT situation...

    Even yogurt! love Brown Cow yogurt but the fat is well... and the regular kind you find in Supermarkets are just chock full of extra ingredients and sugar.

    The Greek yogurt is the only one with just cultured milk and such...

    Also! Pepperidge Farm's Pumpernickel has very little ingredients and no sugar!

    I love your mantra!

    "I'm happy, I'm well, I'm healthy, I'm prosperous, I'm pretty"

  5. Another reason to stay away from corn is that most of it is genetically modified, which means it has Round-Up in it. That's Monsanto's big monopoly! It would have to be made of organic corn to be free of chemicals.

    The reason to stay away from sugar is that we all have cancer calls, and cancer feeds on sugar.

    Better to use Stevia (I don't like the aftertaste), or use Xylitol. If you have ever had sugar-free gum it has Xylitol in it. Now they say that saccharin is safe to use, and definitely better for you than sugar. Also, white sugar has been bleached with chlorine! Brown sugar is usually white sugar with added molasses.

    Like you say, packaged and processed foods are better left on the grocer's shelf. It's all about the money, and what can be produced the cheapest.

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny

  6. Penny, you are using too much! 1/32 to 1/64 of a teaspoon of pure stevia extract powder is equal to about a teaspoon of sugar.

    Get some rest you are going to be busy this week-end.

  7. Here here to everyone's disgust with the foods we are being sold and the crap in them.

    Everyone complains about the cost of organic but I think we can either spend our money on good food or the medical care that will be the result of high sugar, high fat, mold and gmo soybeans/corn/potatoes and on and on and on. Oh and high fructose corn syrup. It's our choice. Pay now, or pay later as they say.