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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trying to stay afloat!

After sitting around most of the morning trying to stay warm, I went back to Costco to pick up the prescriptions called in by the doctor yesterday. I seem to have no self-control there - spent another $60 + $30 for the prescriptions. Remember how difficult a time I had finding good old-fashioned Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup? Well Costco had a 9-pack of it for $9, so of course I bought a pack, plus some organic crackers WITHOUT sugar! I had a can of soup when I returned home and it was just what I needed after being out in a chilly driving rain. I felt so good I lay down on the couch under my warm throw and fell asleep!

I don't mind a day or two of rain once in a while, but we will have rain until next Monday, when the forecast is for cloudy. I'm ready for the east, and when I get back it will be in the middle of a hot and dry summer. I'm hoping I can find some time to go camping, maybe at Mt. Shasta or back at Lassen.

I got out a frozen salmon filet for my dinner tonight but not in time for it to thaw adequately, so I will probably scramble some eggs. I have no bread or tortillas on hand to go with the eggs, and I should make a loaf tomorrow. I'm trying to use up a lot of the food I have on hand before my extended travels, but don't have much to make just a simple meal.

The leaks around the window are driving me crazy. I think there was probably something like spline along the edges of the windows that created a seal when they were closed. The windows don't close tightly - a problem in a number of windows in the house. The crank to open and shut them is gone, and although I was left with a bag of several extras, I can't get them to work. I must be missing part of the hardware and don't know enough about how it should work to understand what might be missing. So the windows are closed but not sealed tightly, and the rain is seeping in. I'm going to hang some clear plastic over the entire window if the rain stops long enough for the outside of the window to dry out enough to hold the duct tape. It's a very large window that will be difficult to do by myself. The rain has let up for a bit, but it is also close to getting dark outside, and I don't see well enough in the dark to get on a ladder and fool with hanging a sheet of plastic. I tend to overstretch on ladders to begin with instead of climbing down and moving the ladder a few inches.

I went to bed early last night but paid the price by waking up during the night and having a difficult time getting back to sleep. I could hear drips everywhere, and I hope they were all outside. The DirecTV dish is right over my bedroom, and I can always hear rain plopping on it, plus the various vents and whatever else is up there.

If I'm going to scramble those eggs I'd better do it now, or else I'll be grabbing a handful of pretzels and calling it supper.


  1. Same kind of forecast here... I'm like you, I don't mind a day or two of rain in fact sometimes I really like to just cozy up and watch the rain.. but not a day after day thing.

    I can NOT believe you even entertained the idea to get out in the rain ON a ladder to do anything! jeeeeezus, Gyspy?!

    eggs with nothing but scrambled? I guess I'd be slim too if I did such... I've got to at least have cheese..

    sleep well ... ;)

  2. I like an occasional day of rain here & there because it changes things up & breaks the routine of endless sunny days. Two days of rain or more.....not so good!!

  3. I'm not a rain fan. Not even those commercials that show everybody dancing in the warm summer rain. I know our poor old earth needs the water but I prefer to avoid it if I can. Hope you get some good sleep tonight. I think we're headed for Costco in the morning and I'm scared!!!

  4. A couple days of rain puts my mood right in the toilet.
    Having leaking windows certainly wouldn't help.
    Keep your chin up!
    ('cause that's such good advise, right?)