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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lady is good to go!

We headed over to Western Feed & Pet Supply this morning for the mobile shot clinic. We arrived first and only had to wait a few minutes until I was given the paperwork to fill out, and then the vet was ready to shoot! This clinic is held under a large awning outside the store, and Lady enjoyed watching all the other dogs in the area.

She got the 5-in-one vaccine plus the bordatella. I normally wouldn't get any of these vaccinations for her except she will need them if I put her in a kennel during the graduation. I usually prepare a page of emergency information when I travel that I keep under the passenger seat visor. This page gives basic medical info for me, i.e., arterial stent implant, and I just make reference to the I.C.E. info which is in my cell phone. I also keep a page for Lady, giving her name, age, and describing her temperament, plus a list of her shots and dates given. I would hate to think if I had an emergency along the way that they would stick her into a quarantine someplace, although I really don't know what they would do.

Back to this morning, she got her two shots and we headed to the car. It was ironic that when we left home she balked and hesitated and backed up several times before she could climb into the back seat of the car. When we left the parking lot after her shots, I opened the car door and she hopped right in like a 6 month old puppy!

A heavy rain started shortly before 4:00 am, and I hate the sounds it makes right over my bedroom. It bothers me more each time, and I don't think there is anything I can do about it. Right now the sun is shining although it is expected to rain on and off for the next week. The paper towels I keep on the windowsills under potential leaks were damp this morning, but nothing was dripping.

I had a comment to yesterday's entry that makes a lot of sense, and I want to thank Judy for making it. She suggested that since I still have a suture in each eye, I should talk to my eye doctor about doing jumping jacks. I see him tomorrow and will ask him about this, and in the meantime I will put the jumping jacks on hold.

Also, thanks to Sherry for the suggestion that I place one of the hotels bath towels under my yoga mat so I can keep up with my exercise and stretch routine while traveling. I really do appreciate the comments and suggestions I get.

NOTE: A couple of hours after I posted this I realized I attributed to someone else the suggestion about my talking to the eye doctor. I have since corrected it to Judy, and I hope the correction is made before Judy reads today's entry.


  1. Great to see Lady got a good bill of health, one less worry for you, I have never owned a dog that liked the Vet. Rigg's will walk in and then set down and not want to go into the examining room. Even when they give him a treat he is pulling for the door and the truck to get out.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Like the Weibels said, glad Lady is doing just great. Our pets are a huge part of our family and life.

  3. I love the suggestions my commenters make too. Glad I could be of some help. Happy to hear Lady was feeling so spritely after her shots.

  4. Thanks for not thinking I was being too bossy.

    Glad to read that Lady was a good puppy about the shots. Our dog, Gracie the Basset Hound, is so excited to have someone new to lick on; she can be a hand full at the vets.

  5. I'm with you - I don't like to put my yoga mat down on hotel room floors, either. I don't even walk barefoot on them - I take flip-flops to wear in my room. Since I also won't sit/lay on top of the bedspread (ew) or pull them up near my face at night....I take it off and lay it down on the floor, right-side down (so the inside and hopefully cleanest is up) and then put my yoga mat on that. It gives me a big area, and I don't feel my mat gets as "germy".

    I envy you your adventures!


  6. Always a nice reassuring feeling to know our pets are in good health. For us, they are priority & influence each & every day in our lives.

  7. Thanks for the tip on recording a pets medical record in case of emergency. Good thinkin Gypsy!

  8. Glad Lady is good to go! I have all our dog records and info in a large manilla envelope within easy access in our rig. I leave it there, even when we are in the house. That way I am always sure I have it along if we leave, even on a weekend.

    Our dogs are older now (12 and 8) but I think on our next pup we will consider microchipping too, because I do believe they can access health information via chip if you subscribe for the service.

    Karen and Steve
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