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Monday, March 12, 2012

Costco-Just a couple of items

Isn't that what everyone says when they go to Costco? I wanted to get two 3# packages of coffee beans, which I figured out would cost me about $40 and I'd be out of the store. $173 later I pushed my cart out. I got the coffee beans and also a couple of pairs of capris for myself, treats for Lady, a couple bottles of wine, some vitamins & supplements, and a package of underwear. I'm glad I got the capris because by the time the temps get high enough to wear them, there won't be any on the shelves. I also bought a book by Stephen Hawking, and I think it's going to keep me interested to the end. It is a complex subject truly written in layman's language.

I stopped by a Motel 6 and picked up the current Location Guide, which I've used to figure out my stops on the way to NY. I think on my way to see the doctor I will stop by AAA and order my classic Triptik and maps. I'm going to drive a direct route to NY and might take more time on my return trip and get off the interstates.

My visit to the doctor is to get a new prescription for some meds I'm running out of.

I have a few more pictures to post of my paint job, and then I'm not going to mention it again. I am certain the blog's readers are as sick and tired of the subject as I am!

Here is my helper, Jeannie.

Here is the space for which I thought I lost the cabinet door. For the rest of this week I need to empty and put away all the junk I've collected in this space

And finally, the refrigerator wall. I have finished the painting and will hang the cabinet fronts tomorrow. Notice that it looks like the fridge is not level. The level shows it to be perfectly ok - it's the walls that are out of plumb.


  1. I don't mind looking at them at all. I love to see what people do to make their homes a place they will enjoy and maybe I can pick up some ideas.
    But I know your tired of it now and need to take that trip.

  2. Nice to have a planned trip coming up. Always great to change up the pace a bit & do something different for awhile. By the end of your trip you will be looking forward to getting home & relaxing in your house again. I think many of us are so fortunate to still have those options. Always good to have something to look forward to...

  3. When is your trip, if you take i-70 across instead of I-80 you can stop at the ranch for a couple days. Looks like you got you place just about done.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Looking good, you (and your helpers) did a great job. Maybe now you can come do my place (grin).

  5. I wouldn't be here reading your post every day if it was so boring! I love what you write about, and especially the pics.

  6. Ah the danger of the big box stores. But if you need it and your budget can handle it then I say go for it.

    Place is looking great and I'm glad to see your wonderful helper.

    I know all about those level appliances in old no longer level houses. As long as the "settling" is under control, no worries.

  7. What a wonderful change you've done to the kitchen! I love seeing your blogs and all the progress, it's NOT easy. Thanks for telling us.

    I know you're trip will be wonderful. We're headed up to Illinois, if you're going through MAYBE we can meet for a few minutes.