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Friday, March 16, 2012

Forget the RV-how about an Ark?

For being dry most of the usual rainy season, nature is trying to catch up in a week or two. It's slamming down right now, but not with the heavy winds of a couple of days ago. I'm still having problems with the window leak, but it isn't from the roof this time and I'll just have to replace that window sooner rather than later. Maybe that's why something has held me off from buying my dishwasher, and I'll probably use all my gift cards to get a replacement window.

With RV style gutters on this house the rain just pours over the small lip that is supposed to serve as a gutter, and washes down the window. Not sure if a replacement will hold up to that abuse for long. It brings back memories of living in a 5th wheel and watching the rain flooding over the windows.

Lady didn't waste any time at all this morning - did what she had to do and walked back toward the gate. I don't think she cares for being in all the rain either. I remember walking for days in rain while on the Appalachian Trail, and my black lab, Smoky, would be dripping rain. When his fur dried it was soft and shiny from the rainwater rinse! I can't believe I let him in the tent with me, and it was a small backpacking tent, but I guess I was as wet as he was.

I remember stopping for lunch at a wooden lean-to type of shelter, and my boots were overflowing with water. I decided I wasn't going to budge until the rain stopped, which luckily was the next morning. The shelter had the reputation for being haunted but it sure didn't bother me. That was probably the most miserable time I spent on the trail, although there were several periods of constant rain for a week - you just slog through it. I had a good pack cover which kept my sleeping bag dry. This is the time of year I get "Springer Fever", which is a sort of hitch itch for backpackers leaving the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail - Springer Mtn, Georgia. I know I couldn't get very far but I always yearn to be back out on the Trail - total and absolute freedom. Of course when I hiked it, we had freedom from all the technological crap that rules our lives today. I didn't carry a computer, cell phone, or GPS, and if I got lost it didn't take me long to find my way back. Usually I just followed my dog and his internal GPS never failed. God help me if I had to depend on Lady!

It's time for me to get back to work. I'm trying to put things away in places where I will find them again (yeah right!), and trying to figure out how I can assemble a portable desk - not to write on, but something to carry note pads, pens, pencils, and all the little items you need while driving on a long trip but want to reach for and find right away, not having to grope through a purse or pack. I have a nice Samsonite shoulder bag with a gajillion pockets and even a section for a laptop, but the bag is heavy, even now when it's empty.

I did a lot paper shredding this morning and miss my two little helpers. I'm finally getting rid of old real estate transactions, such as the condo I sold in 2003. There are many more folders I can eliminate, if I can call up the self-discipline to let old stuff go. I got rid of old college records when I left Northern Virginia, and then had to get copies of transcripts from several places when I took classes in Asheville. I doubt I'll ever go back to school, but I'm holding on to the important records this time, just in case. North Carolina seemed to be different than any other place I've lived - tuition was completely waived for senior citizens, even for credit courses.

I just went through more papers and found pictures of my 5th wheel interior. It really was a lovely living space, and while I enjoy expanding into several rooms now, I didn't ever feel cramped living in the 5ver - except when I had to step around and over dogs. If I was ever tempted to get another RV, it will be when Lady goes over the rainbow bridge.


  1. I enjoy reading little snippets of your time on the Appalachian Trail and the differences between then and now.

  2. Too bad you feel that way about Lady. Emma is certainly a pain in the pattuti at times, but I haven't regretted her companionship the last four years.

  3. Love hearing about your AT Springer Fever. Sorry to hear the windows are going to take the place of the dishwasher. But you can wash the dishes yourself. You can't keep the rain out. And you have a nice little investment to protect now.

  4. Sure wish you could send some of that rain down here to the desert. We could really use it. Hopefully your storm is moving our way and we do get some rain this week-end. It's a pain to have to replace that window. I think the fifth wheel is the right size to live in. I'd just collect more junk if I had more room.