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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Excursion

I set out this morning to find a hairdresser, but two shops that I walked into told me it would be a wait, so I decided to wait for another day, except I more closely resemble a sheep dog every day.

Then it was to Big Lots where they didn't have anything I was looking for, and out of some of the sale items.

On to Target where I got a bar stool. I still have no place to eat except the coffee table, so this will be a nice addition if I ever get it assembled. I vaguely remember the days when you went out and bought something, brought it home and began using it immediately. Those days are long gone. I guess things ship better from China in a cardboard box. NOTE: After publishing this entry and reading it over, I realized that this was not a nice thing to say, especially since the storage box is actually MADE IN THE USA! Sorry, China.

I picked up a Black & Decker blender that was on sale. I have not had a blender for probably over 20 years, and I don't remember an occasion during that 20 years when I thought, "Gee, I wish I had a blender." I'm not sure why I decided to get it, but like a TV, every household should have one, and I'm batting zero on both. Un-American is what it is.

While in the outdoor patio furniture items I found a patio storage/seating unit which is exactly what I need to store things from the RV that I don't have a place for: air mattress, screen tent, folding camp chairs, etc. So I put the blender back on the shelf and hoisted the big carton containing the storage unit into my cart. I didn't have room for the blender and I could barely see over the storage box, so I just left it there. I did tell a clerk nearby that if he would put the blender back into the cart for me I would put it where I had found it, but he said he would take care of it.

I finally got these two very heavy items home and the boxes out of the truck. Now they need to be assembled. I got the instructions out of the bar stool box and they look fairly simple, but that could be deceiving. I will maybe attempt assembly tomorrow. I won't touch the storage box, so that will wait until one of my young male relatives comes along and I'll snag him to do the assembly. Steve can assemble anything without even looking at the instructions.

Now I don't know if my eyes are just still bad, or if it's because my hair is hanging down into my eyes.


  1. Nothing wrong with looking like a Sheep Dog....we humans should be so lucky. Too bad about putting that blender back on the shelf because that was your first step into fixing up one of my mighty very fine, 'Looks Yukky-Tastes Yummy' shakes. If you go back & get that blender just type in Yummy Yucky on our blogs search bar & that should get you to my not so world famous formula.....:))

  2. I sure hope you're going to post pictures of the bar stool assembly project! Remember, if it doesn't fit, just get a bigger hammer!!