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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wired Up

I hooked up the desktop computer today because I wanted to print part of an excel spreadsheet, hiding some columns and extending the width of others. I can't seem to do anything with the Mac version of Excel.

I still don't have a computer desk, so I operate on small patio tables, 2 of them. Every time I move I am tripping on a wire, and you can see why.

I had the air card hooked up to the desktop so I could print a couple of attachments from email. The air card works better and faster with the laptop. It was surprising to find that I have gotten used to the laptop, but the keyboard is superior to any I have ever used. I love the touchpad for scrolling, but as a mouse it is dismal.

I walked Lady this afternoon and let her lead me into some dried leaves along a fence. All of the sudden I was doing a fine jig in public - I must have stepped into a nest of ants - big black ones. I kept trying to brush them away and get back to pavement, but they were insistent little buggers. I think they just stayed on my shoes up to a little above my socks, but for a long time I felt ants all over me. That is a part of nature I'm not crazy about.

Another day has gone by and I have barely moved from the computer. Genealogy is the reason for that. I get carried away when I'm on the track of someone.


  1. Gee, your mess of wires looks like mine! I do have a desk, but just about as many wires, plus the phone line, as I have to used dial up here. I gathered mine up and tied them together with a bread tie.

  2. Love seeing those computer wires all over the floor!! I hate ants or any bugs crawling on me too!

  3. I always blame the ants in my pants for my hitch-itch problem!!

  4. That is a lot of electronic spaghetti you have there. I think I may have a hard time going back to a desk top and wires.

  5. We use to have a lot of wires we tangled up, but a friend told us how to control it. Take a couple or more rolls from the paper towels when they're gone, tape them together, paint it if you'd like and put all the wires inside, they lay nicely along the wall. To get the wires in you slit the tubes but I didn't do that. I just dropped the wires into it.