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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have my truck back

Steve is going out of town on business, so Ara and I drove the Matrix to his house today to exchange for my truck. Ara has been doing some painting for them in the room that will be the nursery, so we were there for a while, and didn't leave until just about the commute rush time so I drove my truck home. I had absolutely no problems, as I am used to the truck. When I finally got it home I backed it into my space like a champ!

Enrique was getting ready to leave for the day about the time I parked my truck, so we talked trucks, towing other vehicles, how one expects a man to drive something like that but not a woman (and the unsaid - "a woman your age"). I don't get offended by that because it's just the way things are, and I guess I can be a little quick to give men credit for being able to handle big rigs so well, so why wouldn't a man do the same. I guess you just have to have twice the determination if you are a woman. I try to do my best, but will graciously accept a gentlemanly offer to help.

I've thought about this before, and have come to the conclusion that there are some real jerks out there. They may even be in the majority some places. But the value and worth of the gentlemen far surpasses that of the jerks, so that I find the good ones everywhere and they seem to be the majority. I may not be making any sense, but I know what I'm trying to say, lol.

The rest of the items we took from the RV last weekend is now sitting (crammed, actually) on my tiny patio. I don't know where in the world I will put it, and I can foresee a trip to Goodwill coming up.

A blog reader, Selene, left a comment about the AAA triptiks. I replied to her that to get the old fashioned kind, you must find an office that does the "Classic Manual style". I know for sure that Sioux Falls, SD does it, but I'm not aware of which others will do anything but the computer generated triptiks. I would call the local office first, and see if they can tell you of an office that will do it. It is definitely worth it, if you loved the old style as I do.

When I figured the fuel cost of this odyssey of mine I quickly come to the conclusion that I will be doing a lot of boondocking in national and state parks, and maybe even parking lots and rest areas! It will be something new for me, but I'm eager to try it. Of course I have to recover from surgery first; then I have to find a suitable RV/camper/tent, although a tent would eliminate parking lots and rest areas! Stay tuned - I don't know yet myself what I'm doing.


  1. Well, I'm loathe to comment on the question of women driving big rigs as compared to men because I just might end up in your "jerk" category! Not really though as most women I've seen driving MH's and 5'ers seem to do quite well and are very careful drivers.

  2. I remember years ago when women drivers were almost a rare commodity. Nowadays it seems there are more women on the road than men somedays. My biggest complaint about women driver's is their total unawareness of the danger they are in by speeding up & tailgating the vehicle in front of them so closely. Ladies, ladies, puleeeeeeze....back off!!

  3. Oh Gypsy... I hear ya!

    When I drive up in my almost 40 ft diesel motorhome, I get those remarks sometimes too. Even from other women!

    Ya know what I say? I grab the waistband of my pants, pretend to pull it out and check the nether regions... while I quip:
    "Gee... I didn't know ya had to have Man-Parts to be able to drive a diesel" !!!! LOL

    That either shuts em up or leaves em laughing. Tee heee...

    Karen and Steve
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