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Friday, June 11, 2010

Great job, Marty!

I always love it when I can say that to myself. This morning I drove in towards town to the AAA office to pick up a bunch of maps. Not wanting to appear a hog, I only got half the maps I will need, necessitating another trip back. I think they told me on a previous visit that they had a limit of 10, so that's all I was prepared to ask for. Most of my maps are several years old, and have yellow highlights, pink highlights and orange highlights indicating the roads I've taken.

I drove over Folsom Blvd which takes a little longer, is probably several miles shorter, but which has traffic lights all along the way. I don't think I had to stop at very many lights, and I love that route. I decided to try the freeway (US 50) returning and I did a great job. As I was going down the on-ramp I wondered why I was going that way, but I'm glad I did because I'll have no hesitation in the future. Of course, I was driving early in the day, about mid-morning, and after the commuter rush, so there was nothing to cause me grief.

My eyes are definitely improving but I need glasses, probably bifocals, just as soon as I can be given a prescription. I have about 3 wks until my next visit with the Dr. and I certainly hope he will say I'm ready. I can see more detail although there is a blurry spot now and then, and I'm not sure why it seems to come and go. The focus is still giving me problems - I can be driving along and all of the sudden I'm not seeing very well into the distance, and then it becomes ok again. I compensate by leaving lots of space, taking my foot off the accelerator when I see brake lights ahead of me or a red traffic light, and just general caution which everyone should use all the time anyway.

I'll be ready for some serious travel by September. Now to just get the 5th wheel sold so I can buy a good camper for myself. I got a phone call this afternoon from the Volunteer Coordinator at Lassen, which made me feel good. I definitely am not ready for that type of work yet, but will keep it in mind for possibly a few weeks in August, or even next year.

Speaking of my maps and travel plans, my trip total mileage is up to about 7500+ round trip so far. I shudder when I compute the cost of fuel, but we'll see what happens between now and then. I know how to dream big at any rate, and I have some big trips planned for the this year and the following two years. The gypsy is temporarily down, but she certainly isn't out of the game!


  1. That's the spirit, Gypsy! Just keep on making to travel plans and volunteering goals and it will all come together for you.

  2. Just keep on dreaming big!! I love maps too and we have a whole box full of them. Not only road maps but also brochures of all kinds of places we have visited. Great fun!

  3. We RV folks are a lively traveling bunch of critters alright & without a travel dream somewhere in our future we are just like lumps of old cold cement.

  4. Great job, Marty!! Now let's get that 5'er sold so you can buy a truck camper! I'm already looking forward to hearing about how it compares to towing your 5'er!