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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can the days get any better?

Today has been an even more beautiful day than yesterday, warm in the sun and cool in the shade. Just perfect!

Does anyone realize that meat loaf is much better the second (and hopefully the third) day around?

I am getting so irritated with Blogger I am ready to quit. Now, when I have turned on my computer even though I've logged into blogger, I have to go through the userid and password just to leave a comment to someone's blog. I had to restart my computer this afternoon and darned if it didn't ask me again. I don't believe it possibly has anything to do with security, because I'm getting tons more spam lately and I haven't visited any websites that would be the cause. It's getting to be more trouble than it is worth and I don't think I'll mind at all if I'm traveling someplace that I can't get a connection. As long as I can sign in I will be online, but if I can't connect I sure won't miss the annoying parts of it.

I stayed home today but have made my list for things to do tomorrow, so look out, I'll be on the road!

My dog is getting scary. All I have to do is think something and she responds, in ways she couldn't have known if she wasn't reading my mind. It's always been like that, but is getting progressively stronger. How in the world can you hide your thoughts from a dog?


  1. Just don't think any "bad" thoughts about your dog....she'll know instantly. Of course, with such a great dog as Lady how could you think any bad thoughts? Maybe you could think something like, "bring me a snack" and she'll get something out of the refrigerator for you? Maybe.

  2. The animal world has always been a whole lot smarter than the human world so her intelligent perceptions just go without saying:))

  3. For some reason, Gypsy, Blogger began this bit about the userid's and passwords about a week ago and as far as I know, it is the same for everyone, so you're not alone.

    I agree that sometimes dogs seem to know exactly what we're thinking.

  4. "How in the world can you hide your thoughts from a dog?"

    If all else fails, the folks at the sanatorium tell me a tin foil helmet usually works...

  5. Yep, noticed the blogger deal a couple weeks ago. Irritating!!!!

    Dogs are that way. Love it. Now to teach them to feed you.