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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A haircut, finally!

Yesterday while Jeannie was at the hairdresser, she mentioned that I had been trying to reach her. She called me right away and offered to fit me in at 10:45 today and I readily accepted. I look and feel much better now.

Somehow on the way home I must have been thinking of profound things, as one does when driving along a familiar route, and I made a wrong turn. When I passed Whole Foods on my right I knew something wasn't right. I had turned to where I was driving back toward Cal Expo, out of long habit I guess. So I got myself turned around in the right direction and made it home with no further problems. Steve has my truck again, so I will blame it on his Matrix for getting me mixed up. My truck runs on auto pilot.

I've been really lazy for the rest of the day.


  1. How do you like the Matrix? It's one of the cars we're thinking of when we finally replace the truck.

  2. Getting a haircut on the road is always like making a journey into the unknown. :) You are lucky you no longer have to go down that road...

  3. You got lost going home after a haircut? Maybe the hairdresser took just a little too much off the top, Gypsy!!