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Friday, June 18, 2010

I went back for the blender

It was a good deal, on sale, and has a glass jar. I am so sick of everything being plastic these days, including just about anything you buy in the grocery that once came in glass jars. So I now have a blender, but nothing on hand to blend. I also have a hand mixer, with nothing to mix.

I stopped at Walmart and Target this morning, but I'm really going to try to stay out of those places. Walmart is going through renovation which means they are moving everything around in the store, so you can't find anything. I will go to their optical dept when it comes time to get new glasses. They accept my vision insurance, and the man who helped me with new glasses about 3 years ago is the best I've ever encountered. The glasses he sold me fit perfectly and were aligned properly, and he is still there.

Target moves their products around often enough it's hard to find what you want, but they have now added a grocery department. This obviously means they deleted things from their line of stock in order to make room for the groceries. I go to a grocery store to buy groceries, and used to like going to a discount store to find good deals on other things. I would never shop at Walmart or Target for groceries, and wish I had no reason to ever go back to either of them again.

This morning the most amazing thing happened here in my apartment. I usually leave the front door open in the morning as well as the bathroom window, as this draws fresh cool air through the entire little place. All of the sudden I heard a noise that sounded like an engine - two hummingbirds had flown right into my kitchen, one obviously chasing the other away from "his" nectar. There they were circling each other, but one of them quickly found his way out. The other didn't have it so easy evidently, because he spent several minutes buzzing around the kitchen before finally flying back out the front door. I closed the door and opened the window! I wish I could just keep all the windows open as long as there is cool air coming from the shaded patio, but the screens are bowed out and worthless as far as keeping insects out. But the open door doesn't even keep birds out! The only time I am troubled is late afternoon and evening when there are biting insects, most of them too small to see.

I'm also getting a couple of larger birds who visit the other feeder, and I'm glad I hadn't taken it down yet. I have no idea what kind of birds they are because I can't see detail. I do know they are nondescript and a drab color. I miss the colorful birds I had all around me in North Carolina. Even the hummingbirds there were the ruby throated variety and had some bright color, unlike whatever kind it is that I get here.

I thought I was overdue with Lady's rabies shot, but found the certificate that says she has until November! That makes more sense because I'm usually in Asheville around Oct/Nov. and that is when I renew all her vaccinations. For some reason, the sheet they send out telling you what shots are coming up was mistakenly showing rabies due in March, so we will wait until fall to take care of it when we are back in NC.

I can't believe Friday has rolled around again so fast. I feel like my life is now on fast forward.


  1. Yup, Friday again! The older you get, the faster time flies.

    I always grab my immersion blender, before the jar one, or the hand mixer. It just seems easier, as I can mix or blend right in the pot on the stove, or bowl. I like to make creamy bisques. It is so much easier to clean under a running faucet.

    Walmart, and other stores, move things around so that you have to go all over the store looking for what you want, so you impulse buy. That's what Speedy and Sherri do!

    Walmart made my last glasses, too. Did a good job. But the exam was cheaper, and more thorough, at Sam's Club.

    Sounds like I will have to come over there and make you new screens. Can't have you all buggy!

    I am glad the birds didn't panic, and hurt themselves. I think most of the pretty birds have already gone south.

    I certainly won't buy meat from Walmart, it is cut up at a central location, and shipped in the packages. They put stuff on/in it to keep it red. But coffee, and a few other things, are cheaper there.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. About the only time I made good use of a blender was when my youngest son had his jaw wired shut for six weeks. He could only eat through a straw. :(

    Glad the hummers made it out the door safely.