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Friday, March 12, 2010

The RV Show at Cal Expo

I swore to myself less than a week ago that I wouldn't be caught going to the RV show. I was, and am, so sick and tired of RV's and all their little quirks, to say nothing of all the things like emptying waste tanks, lights that don't work, plumbing that is dicey, and having to sometimes be in parks you don't like or enjoy, and I haven't even said anything about hitching and unhitching. Add to that having to do all the jobs that are called by some by the cutesy terms of "blue jobs" and "pink jobs" - they are all "crap jobs" in my estimation.

But just now I printed a $5.00 off the price of ($10) admission to the Cal Expo RV Show, running March 11-14. Tomorrow, the 13th, will be my only chance to attend since I am busy on the 14th. The show is listed as being accessible at the Main Gate. Parking is $10. I am here on the premises, but it's a long way for me to walk around to the Main Gate (this from a woman who is beginning to love her 4 mile walk-workouts 3 times a week!). I'm not paying $10 to park across the fence from my RV. So the questions is, will I go or not?

I'm just thinking out loud here, so for folks who like clear cut decisions, just skip this. I love to travel, and can't imagine the day when I can't travel back and forth across the country. I used to never give it a thought that I had to stay at Motel 6 because they accepted dogs (and didn't charge extra for them). Motel 6 has definitely upgraded their facilities in the past few years and I was never dissatisfied with it. I don't stay at a motel for the amenities - I carried my own cooler with the makings of my evening meal plus beverages, and didn't need a fridge, hairdryer, or iron. I was a happy wanderer.

Now, I've heard stories from friends who have stayed at motels considered to be much upgraded from Motel 6, and they have come away with bug bites - fleas, bed bugs, whatever. When I stayed for a week in Kansas last year while my rig was being repaired, I had a pleasant and clean room, but after traveling with my own bed for a year I began to feel uncomfortable under a bedspread that I knew hadn't been freshly cleaned, nor did I know the extent of cleanliness of the mattress, pillows, etc. I'm not a clean freak, by any means, but this is really starting to bother me.

So I can downsize to a smaller RV, you say. Considering the hit I will take on depreciation of my 5th wheel, plus the fact that smaller Class B+ and Class C's cost more to begin with, it won't be a good financial move for me. Add to this the fact that there is only one of me, with only one retirement income, and I'm already operating with much less than most RVers.

I've given this so much thought and even consider acquiring all the gear necessary for tent camping, something I would normally enjoy, except that I prefer to travel in the off season which means that it would definitely not be tent camping weather.

I'll continue to obsess over this issue until one of these days I'll make a split second decision and that will be that. In the meantime, I think I might rather visit a lot with used RV's for sale than to a show featuring indoor&outdoor kitchens, upper&lower decks, umpteen slide-outs, and god only knows what else I don't need or want to look at.

I appreciate the comments on my water drip problem - I agreed with those who said it's the park's problem. Sure enough, I tightened all my connections and made sure there were O rings where there should be O rings, and I ended up with a negligible drip. Today it's rained all day, so from a slowly drying up puddle I now have a lake under and around my rig.


  1. I hope your mood will lighten a lot in the next few days. I am sure you'll eventually come to a workable decision. You have been a real trooper. I cannot imagine myself dealing with all the stuff you had to. Just thinking of hitching up a 5th wheel creeps me out. You have done really well. Kudos to you! Cheer up, Gypsy-gal ☺☺

  2. Quartzsite seemed to have an abundance of used RVs, including Class Cs when we went thru there this past week.

  3. I still think a camper would be a good compromise for you. You could keep your current truck and get a nice camper for a fraction of what you'll be getting for your 5er.

    Just so we're clear on what I'm thinking of, something like this: http://www.travellitecampers.com/

    Easy to drive, no set up/take down, won't break the bank once you sell your 5er, dogs are okay, it's your own space...

  4. I am in sorta the same place, I thought I would downsize, but when I looked at the new class c and b's they were way too much money! Plus no one wants to buy a used rv, that is why there are so many out there for sale. My rig is 8 years old, I know all of it's quirks now, and how to deal with them. I have been hooking up, leveling etc. all this time, I can still do it, or just be happy living in a nice RV park! I have a lease lot, and it is nice. If I get neighbors I don't like, I CAN move. If I get an apartment, I couldn't do that. Just my 2 cents worth. I quit going to RV shows, I begin to feel like They should pay me. Theresa

  5. You know that truck camper idea is a really great one. I hadn't thought of that previously but it could solve a world of problems for you. You could still travel in your own RV with your own bed, but the driving would be so much easier on you.

    If you did decide to investigate Class C or Class B, checking into pre-owned RV's is another good idea. As you already know, you could save a lot on depreciation of a brand new unit.

    I'm glad you aren't totally throwing in the towel. Motels really suck! (excuse the language)

    I'll be waiting for further postings on this huge question for you. Take care!! Keep walking!!

  6. You will feel better once a decision is made one way or the other. Once you know which direction your going, the next journey in your life can begin.

  7. I have no great advice to give Gypsy, but I'm confident that, in time, you will make the right decision yourself.

  8. Go to the show Gypsie,at least you can see whats out there these days. Walk around inside and get the feel for different type, size and shape rigs.
    A camper might be the way to go but bare in mind that its a big climb into them,sometimes difficult for pets,and floor space is limited.
    Every time I go to an RV show,(we have a big one next week)I never find anything that I like better than what I have.I guess I'm a creature of habit.
    Maybe just a smaller trailer with everything you like,would be better.I've never missed not having a slide.(I'm not going to hold a dance)so why all the extra floor space.If there is room to sit down,lay down and stand at the counter,that's enough room for me and I live 6 months of the year in my 21X7.4 cracker box.

  9. Hey Gypsy,
    I just reviewed one of your older posts..12/30/08. Near the end, you comment that sometimes you felt like you were on a magic carpet ride. Try to remember those happier feelings. Life on the road isn't all "crap" jobs. :)
    (except when it's time to dump the black tank)

  10. Sis,

    "A lake under and around my rig", that should make for some beautifully scenic photos, especially at dusk!

    We need to get together soon.

    your baby bro,


  11. I read your blog with interest as the the spouse and I are rv'rs and have traveled to almost all the lower 48 by rv although we are not full-timers. I empathize with your frustrations concerning the rv problems, but --- just spent $400 dollars on yard materials this morning and four landscape plants are dead and need replaced. Not to mention all the other big and small problems that need constant attention in a home. I'm sick of it also. What is the answer? -I sure do not know. This shelter thing that lingers over our senior heads is not conducive to easy answers. Perhaps the rv life has its frustrations but I'm sure as can be that a home secured to the ground is not utopia by any measurement . Good luck with you decision from one Irishman to another. Martin