Eastern Utah
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another four miles

I walked with Jeannie again this evening, and I'm tired but I'll be fine. We're going again tomorrow when she gets off work. It has to be healthier for me than just sitting around.

Here is Autumn riding her bike a little ahead of us.

The skateboard area: This picture as well as the next one need to be clicked on and enlarged.

There were no games this evening but we saw a girls' LaCrosse team practicing, as well as soccer practice:

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures but the sun was going down fast, and I just took what I could get.

I went to the park's laundromat today - the first time I've had to pay to do laundry since I arrived at Fort P. the beginning of December. The cost at Cal Expo isn't nearly as bad as some places, but free was sure nice.

Other than that I went out and bought another white hose thinking that is why I have so much of a leak. Now with a new hose, new pressure valve, and new L connection, it still leaks. I am sure it has something to do with this park's water supply. I didn't have this big a problem while on the road. I don't really know what else to try - the leak was coming from the general area of the pressure valve so I disconnected it but still there is water dripping. Not as much, but it's enough, and there has been standing water next to the hookups since I got this site. I notice several depressions in the gravel throughout the park that are holding water from the rain, and others next to some of the hook-ups. I think either they had an extremely bad winter or else the maintenance hasn't been kept up properly. Since the monthly rate has gone up $45 you would expect better than this.


  1. Seems like you've tried just about everything to stop the dripping from the faucet connector.

    Looks like you are enjoying nice weather there in Sac. No more snow and icy weather for you!!

  2. Sometimes just an extra little cinch with a vice grips on the connection will stop that pesky drip. Tightening by hand doesn't always do it. Some iron fisted guys can cinch those connectors on real tight but I'm not one of them.

  3. Like Al said, I always use a pair of locking pliers to tighten the connections as they can be a pain in a lot of parks. If the drip isn't going in to your rig, and it's not a flood, then I'd let the park owner worry about it!

  4. And if you ask some iron fisted guy to help tighten it, you may never get it off!! I use a regular pliars since that's all I have. :)

  5. Maybe it just needs extra rubber "washer", if it is the parks drip, I would inform them, so they can do the maint.