Eastern Utah
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photos to go with Tuesday's blog

I didn't have the pictures ready when I posted earlier, so here are a couple I've taken from the campground. The sunset was disappointing, especially after seeing what some folks can do with this type of picture. I guess I should try Picasa again, except it just makes me frustrated and angry.


  1. Don't discount your photos! They are good. Big Sky country is not just in Montana.

    Keep safe!!! You are getting closer.

  2. Once again, you and I are a lot alike. I am also picture challenged. I'm going to practice some more and see if I can "enhance" some of my pictures. So don't give up. And I think every sunset is beautiful.

  3. Oh Gypsy, I like your pics! Just look at that top one: dead tree in foreground, centered mountain in background, interesting cloud formations and great eye catcher of the diagonal line of the pine trees! See, you are a photography artist!

    Admiring your hutzpah and get-up-n-go... watching your journey west, day by day. You rock!

  4. Great photos! It's good to SEE where you are once in awhile. Be careful out there. What a wonderful trip!