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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's no wonder

No wonder I have had so many problems (and fears) concerning my 5th wheel. It is my vision, partly.

So far this has been a great day, starting with an early morning visit to the eye surgeon. I was better prepared this year because I knew I would have a long wait, and I sure enough did. But when I finally got to see the doctor he only had to take one look at my eye. A tech had already checked both eyes and I couldn't read any of the chart out of the left eye. The Dr. told me if I went to the DMV today they wouldn't give me a license to drive. He also said I should particularly avoid driving after dark since I am only using one eye which affects the depth perception, and I can attest to that. I am careful when driving any time of day, taking less traveled roads and maintining a safe speed, as well as leaving plenty of distance between me and the driver in front.

It is no wonder I couldn't properly back up and align the truck to the king pin. No matter how dead on I thought I was, when I walked around to look at it I was terribly off alignment. The first month or so I owned the rig I might have had trouble with the hitch, or with raising and lowering the king pin to the proper setting, but I could back up perfectly.

I knew all the subtle changes were there, but I still felt somewhat guilty for "quitting". Well failing and quitting aren't the same, and I haven't failed but I am quitting. I am just going to get through the surgery on April 13th and see how things are when I've recovered a decent amount of sight in my left eye. I will no doubt drive to New York in a few months, but I'm not sure what I will drive - it won't be a 5th wheel.

Also early this morning I received a phone call from Wes at Oak Meadows Apartments telling me I'm good to move in on April 1. I am thrilled, as that is something I can accomplish and start to enjoy. I knew my credit report was fine, but until I got the word that the rental was approved I was nervous and on pins and needles.

I drove by Jeannie's house on my way home - she is working at home today but took her lunch time to file my tax return electronically. I had worked it out roughly, but it turns out I will get a refund of more than twice what I had hoped for.

So if I wasn't sitting back in the middle of a shallow lake under my rig, I would be a very happy camper right now. I turned the water on overnight and then went out and turned it off after my shower. The ground was drained of standing water, although still damp. When I returned home a few hours later there is a WHOLE LOT OF WATER! I am going to walk down and inform the office of this fact, but I don't want to even try to move right now and Steve is out of town until the middle of the week so he can't do it for me. Hopefully the park maintenance can do something besides shut the water off completely.

Today can only get better for me. When nothing is going right I just have to tough it out, but when everything is going right, then all's right with the world. I'm sending you all some of my good vibes!

I went to the office to talk to them about the water-under-the-rig problem. They offered to have me move, which I would do in a minute if I could. The second option was to contact Maintenance to see if they could diagnose the problem. The guy from Maintenance came promptly over and ruled out a number of possibilities. He ended up replacing the hose bib and a couple other parts and the drip seems to have stopped, and, he pumped out the standing water. I hope that will fix it, but he said he will come back and check on it again tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed. It is good to think it probably isn't a problem with my water and plumbing.


  1. At least it seems like the eye problem can and will be repaired so that you can see better once again.

    Good news on the apt. approval!!

    Can't wait for more into on how you enjoy apt. life and if you will be feeling more relaxed once you get moved into your larger space. Have fun on moving day!

  2. How nice you got the apartment approval and can start setting new goals and get all settled in before the eye surgery. And that will go just fine and you will be healing well soon.

    Best wishes in all you do!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  3. Great news on the apartment Gypsy! Driving a 5th wheel with 2 good eyes is bad enough, with just 1 eye it's no wonder you were having some problems. I'm sure the surgery will fix that right up though.

  4. Glad to know you will have your surgery soon. It will make a big difference. It will be interesting to know what you end up buying as an RV. I wish you good luck in finding exactly the right one.

  5. What great news, Gypsy! The apartment is yours, the eye surgery is planned and life is good. It will be great keeping up with you on the blog as things progress. Thanks for continuing to post.

  6. Gypsy - I'm so glad to read that they know what to do to fix your eyes. That's great news. And getting your apartment approved. You are going to have so much fun fixing it up. Now I've got my fingers crossed that the water problem goes away.

  7. That's good news about the apartment & after your vision is all fixed up you will be able to eyeball any future problems with much clearer vision for sure.....

  8. Hang in there Gypsy....it won't be long now and your feet will be on solid 'apartment' ground. Hope all goes well with the eye surgery...we will be thinking of you and sending our "happy thoughts" your way.

  9. Hang in there Gypsy, things are "looking" up!

  10. Sorry to hear you have shingles again. Here is a site that explains it pretty well. Please read. It appears vision problems can be a side effect. Hope both problems are cured for you.


    I would suggest if you sell the 5-er that you sell the truck too. You will not need a big dually for anything smaller.

    Best of luck to you -- Pleinguy