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Monday, March 8, 2010

Moving day

I moved two sites over today, or actually, Steve moved the rig for me. I guess it's good eyesight because he hitched it just about as easy as Mike did when I left NY last fall. The site I was in had a big electric box outside my door and I could barely get down the steps with the dog so I asked to move. The park is fairly empty today but there are a lot of sites reserved for the days of the RV show coming up here at Cal Expo. All day long I saw RV's driving by on the other side of the fence being brought in for the show. I've never been to an RV show but I don't think I even want to go to one now.

I have napped off and on for most of the day but I will be tired for another week. One thing that surprised me is that my legs don't hurt from the 4 miles I walked yesterday. I think we will walk again tomorrow night.

The wind kicked up today so it felt colder than the temperature indicated. The wind really bothers me lately for some reason - I noticed it when I was at Fort Pulaski and got mild headaches on really windy days. I think I'm just tired, a little depressed, and cold, so I just need to allow myself a few days to get back up to par.


  1. Maybe the RV show will give you ideas. There's some really neat units out there that has great changes. I hope it warms up quite a bit in the next few days for you. We're on our way to Fla. No way we'll get the parts in for the 5er before Wednesday and we can't wait any longer and get to the RV class. Keep posting, we love it.

  2. Might be kinda fun to go over & have yourself a look at one of those smaller cozy Class C's. If we didn't have the 3 dogs we would probably downsize to a Class C. We have had a couple before but they were way too small. One was only a 17 footer!!

  3. Time to rest and regroup. Hope your outlook is sunnier soon. :)