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Friday, February 5, 2010

A weekend without air card

It looks like my air card won't arrive until early next week. I can't do much on the internet in the meantime because I know Mary is operating with the 5GB limit, and I don't want to jeopardize that, so I will limit my connection to checking email once in a while and writing my blog.

Her MiFi seems to work very well, although sometimes it is faster than others, just like the air card. I think I might look into MiFi when my air card contract is up, unless I am settled down someplace where I can get broadband cable again. That was the best connection I ever had although you can't carry it with you away from home.

The wind was so intense yesterday evening that I pulled in the slides and went to bed early. I was hearing noises of "things" sliding across the concrete pad, and this morning I found the glass top to my patio table blasted to smithereens! I felt kind of bad about that - I bought the simple white wrought iron base with circular frosted glass top for my balcony back about 1991 when I bought my condo in Falls Church, VA. I have transported that thing all over the country and will miss it. It was perfect for outside, or brought indoors made a nice table in front of the sofa. I swept up the glass and threw the entire thing away this morning - then was told I could get another glass top. Too late now unless I want to go dumpster diving!

I'd like to hear some feedback on the MiFi connection - negative as well as positive.


  1. I think a mifi device would be perfect for you, Gypsy. It's a no fuss, simple device that gives you good performance coupled with the flexibility to have more than one device connected if required. I'd also recommend Verizon as a carrier if you can, as overall, they do have better coverage right across the USA.

  2. I second Rick on the Verizon connection, as that is what I use for our mobile adventures. Only seldom have I been disappointed that Verizon could not be connected.

  3. And a third 'two thunbs up' for the Verizon air card. Have had ours over a year now & are very happy with it. Works great & is totally convenient. Kelly can be online working away at the computer desk in back while I'm driving & that is pretty neat. With an air card you are always just a few clicks away from being connected to the world.

  4. Our Mifi hasn't let us down, neither has Verizon. That commercial with the USA being all red with connection opportunities seems to be real. We've been all over the Southeast coast and our friends with the same setup is in the West. Very few spots not connected.

  5. We miss your blog and hope your absence is because of your air card/Internet issues and not illness.