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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday coming to an end

I finished my 3rd day of work and have only one more to go until I get 3 off. I have some business to take care of those three days and I will certainly be happy I don't have to work. It is a fact that when the time draws near for "it" to be over, one's attitude changes little by little. I am definitely a short-timer now, with the attitude to go with it. I still love my job but am definitely ready to re-retire!

I saw a man looking at the lighthouse map today and mentioned to him what a great map it is. We got to discussing lighthouses, and he confided that he would like to buy an RV when he retires and travel the country visiting lighthouses. Of course I sold him a map! By the way, my count yesterday, state by state, came to 688; the map itself mentions that there are over 700.

The sun was shining all day long and people were out in short sleeve shirts (no doubt all from northern states). The store was cold as usual as the heat is not working and the unseasoned firewood just doesn't put out enough heat. I was ready for it, looking like the Michelin Man in all my layers of clothing.

I am going to miss the deer as they graze right by my rig a couple times a day. When I take Lady out in the morning they all stop and look up intently. I tell her sternly, "Don't even look at them!". She knows what I mean and keeps her head down and pointed straight ahead. Once in a while she tries to turn it just ever so slightly, and I tell her "Don't make eye contact!" She again looks straight ahead, and I'm sure she knows exactly what I mean, if not the reason. The deer usually watch us and in the end they bolt, but to me it is fun and very interesting to see a dog being so intelligent (and obedient). I'm sure instinct would take over if she got loose, and she would enjoy a good chase. I doubt she would hurt one but would certainly scare the daylights out of them.

This is an evening I don't feel like cooking supper. Do a couple handsful of cashews count for supper?


  1. Are your days numbered at your current volunteer job? I guess it is too early to head towards Dinosaur NM. I have been offered a campground host volunteer job at Cedar Breaks NM in Utah; to me a dream job full of opportunities and a wonderful little national monument with a perfect little campground of about 28 sites. There will also be another host there so we can help each other out. I am excited and very happy about it. Maybe I can say hello to you sometime in the summer. My only worry now is my site is at 10,300 feet and I am worried how that will affect my propane burning; maybe some adjustments will be needed. Otherwise, all hookups provided including phone and Internet, so that is a real plus. I also get a stipend and a government vehicle. It lasts for 3 months beginning in June.

  2. Hey there short timer. I know how you feel. I hope it warms up before you go. Dogs are so smart, it's neat that you have her pointing straight ahead. Have a great time on your 3 days off.

  3. Did you offer to sell your rig to the fellow who wants to fulltime??? I hope you get a good rest in the next 3 days.

  4. "Do a couple handsful of cashews count for supper?"

    Sure they do....just like a couple of peanut butter sandwiches:))

  5. I'm convinced dogs are smarter than people.

    Enjoy the days off! Did you get the triptik yet? Hopefully, they'll end up routing you around Dallas as you'd wanted them to do.

  6. Sure cashews count as dinner! It won't be long now before you're on the road again but you sure have had an interesting time working there!

  7. Boy, I sure can relate to short-timers attitude. I get antsy whenever there's only a couple of weeks left to an assignment.

    I like fixing my main meal during the middle of the day. That way anything goes for supper, including popcorn. ;)