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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More woes

I can't believe I am actually online at a McDonald's! If there is one fast food place I avoid it is McD's. I just figured I would have lunch here because I was of the opinion they had added some healthy items to the menu. Wrong! I got a small order of chicken nuggets and a senior coffee - not bad, but I won't be returning often as I think the library parking lot is actually healthier than this place.

I fiddled with the air card and the prong that came off, and it actually connected last night, if only briefly, but it crapped out before I had a chance to do anything.

You may wonder what I'm doing at a McD's during the lunch hour when I've already had two days off. Well, it looks like I'm getting 4 days off instead! Right, just when I could stay up late there is nothing to do except play solitaire. For some reason the Park folks are insisting I only work 32 hrs a week, and I think the 4th day off (tomorrow) will be for the extra day I worked last week. I feel sorry for Patty, who really needs someone who knows what they are doing as Thomas is still off with elevated blood sugar levels (over 300).

This just isn't the place to fool with posting pictures, so I may go to the library tomorrow and sit comfortably inside and do it. At least they won't have this horrible loud music playing and I can maybe think straight! Is it just me or do others hate the loud music that is playing in every store or place of business. I would prefer "elevator music" to this garbage.


  1. I like my Big Mac and have it at least twice a year :-) No fries or pop or milk shake so I figure I am not doing too bad.
    I hope you can get your aircard well again. It really should not have happened. Can you take it back? I don't think you had it long.

  2. Loud obnoxious garbage coming out of overhead speakers is one of my main rants. It is usually a sign of rude & uncaring brain dead teenagers on staff.....but not always. We were recently in an Appleby's in Sierra Vista where I wanted to get up on the tables with a baseball bat & smash the speakers right out of the ceiling. It is appalling how utterly thoughtless & stupid a lot of business owners & managers can be!! Is it any wonder we prefer our solitary boondocking life away from the maddening main stream........

  3. I'm not a big Mickey D's fan either but they have an okay salad that I have with a mcchicken with only lettuce. And I agree with the loud music stuff. I've asked them to turn the music down and if they won't I certainly won't go back to that restaurant. Wish your aircard was okay. It is so frustrating to deal with all this tech stuff. I'm not good at it and get so upset at times.

  4. I remember the days when establishments had Muzak playing in the background. I loved it. The key word is "background". Nowadays, they don't know what that means. I blame it on the short attention span generation who have the attention span of a hummingbird...

    I am with you!

  5. I agree with the loud music and it's NOT in English. Go figure! I'm with you, IF we're on a trip we go to McD's and go thru the drive in, no loud music. If you need the wifi, sit in the car.

  6. At the McDonalds in Canada I can get a grilled chicken sandwich on a ciabatta bun with a thick slice of tomato and dark lettuce served with a fresh garden salad with reduced fat dressing. I add an iced coffee as a treat. I didn't go to McDonald's for years because of their gross menu, but now I actually go several times a month!

  7. We, too, cannot stand that loud music playing every cotton place you eat or shop. Have they not heard the phrase: Silence is golden? Probably not. The library will certainly be quieter for you.