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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dial-up might be faster

I received the air card and replaced the sim card that was in it with the one in my old air card. I think I have to use the old one since it has the billing, phone # a and all that info on it, right? The air card without antenna is slow as molasses!

I am really sick of this weather. Yesterday ended up being sunny and in the 60's; it got to below freezing overnight and today has been extremely windy, with winds up to the neighborhood of 30 mph! And it hasn't reached 50F yet. That seems to be the pattern - one decent day followed by several horrible days, then gradually getting back to another single decent day. I know it has been bad all over the country, but this is the worst winter I've experienced in many years. And it comes at a time when I am bothered by the cold weather.

I took this picture about a week ago when we had heavy rain all day. I think that was the same day that the road to Tybee Island was closed and some people couldn't get to the Fort to work.

I lost the connection while trying to upload this picture, so I went back to the MiFi and completed it. I will do another post this evening if I can get the air card to stay connected. Otherwise, ???


  1. We had your weather today. No higher then 37 deg with 45mph winds. The RV held up well even without level jacks in the back. It's rockn and rolln. I see snow will be hitting you tomorrow (possibly). I guess if we ever get out of here we'll have to go waaaaaayyyyyy south to get out of this cold. Hang in there, we're thinking of you.

  2. That weather pattern is too bad for you. We are having a great winter. Not warm but at least not freezing even at night. This is how Vancouver Island is most of the time except last year was horribly cold and snowy. I hope it gets warm for you soon.

  3. Come to the American southwest Gypsy & put an end to all that eastern weather baloney. Why anyone would spend the winters anywhere east of New Mexico I'll never understand. If we didn't have to live in Ontario we would move to the southwest in a heartbeat.

  4. I'm sorry your winter just keeps being miserable. How much longer until you can get the heck out of there? I know you will be heading to CA at some point. In the meantime, I'll keep thinking good WARM thoughts for you, Gypsy.

  5. Hello Gypsy, This is my first comment here, but, I've been reading your blog for about two months or so. I'm fairly new at this blogging stuff, so I've been a little shy. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos. I just started reading your Ireland blog too. Love it. My granparents were from Ireland and one of my sisters lives there now in Belmullet, County Mayo. I've been to Ireland six times myself, but it's never enough and I always want to return for another visit...don't know when that will be though. Last time I was there was in 2005...eventually I'll post some photos of that trip on my blog, but not until I'm back in Michigan because I have to download my photo cd again. My computer crashed HARD shortly after we arrived in Texas and I lost SO many photos and programs!
    Most, unfortunately, are gone forever...stupid me, I should have backed them up, but no, I didn't think that MY computer would ever crash...what a lesson! I started out here reading the blog of my friend Marjie of "Travels of Marjie and Paul", then "Len's (My Trip Journal) Travels", then somehow happened upon Al's (the BayfieldBunch.com) and from there found yours and Rick and Paulette's, Bruce and Margie's and a few more. Actually, my reading list needs to be trimmed down a bit, it's SO long now...a bit too much really, but, you can see the whole list by clicking on our profile page if you want to. Hopefully you will have a smoother, quicker internet connection soon. I'm another one who is glad that you decided to get a new aircard. I've never used an aircard, but I have a Verizon phone and can just tether a cord from the phone to the laptop for a great connection when I need it, but I cancelled it for now, because it's $49.99 per month and I have a good connection (most of the time) at the RV park we're at. But, I don't think you can beat Verizon for it's (mostly) consistent reception...and being able to speak English with a helpful HUMAN being on the other end, when necessary. I hope your weather gets better soon. Ours has been mostly cold, rainy and extremely windy here on the Gulf Coast with a sprinkling of sunny days here and there. The locals say that they haven't seen anything like it in over twenty years and even then it didn't last this long. I'm wondering if we'll get any consistently good weather at all before we have to head back to Michigan at the end of March? Take care Gypsy, hope you will feel more cheerful soon. - Mary Ann :-)