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Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to work

I got through the first of a four day work week; after that I'm scheduled for a day off, then work two more including my last day. I may be able to leave sooner, depending on whether Thomas can come back next week. After three days off it is really difficult to last through a full day of work.

I took some maps with me today and every chance I got I studied them intently. There are a number of choices I have, and the more I study the maps the better prepared I'll be if I have to switch gears because of weather or road conditions. I also had forgotten that Good Sam Club has route information, so I now have an itinerary from them for the entire trip, and I used map quest to print out some metro area maps, such as Atlanta and Memphis. The old AAA triptik had closeups of the routes through and around major cities, which was really helpful. That is another feature that has gone by the wayside.

With several sources at my disposal I feel more confident that I will do just fine. I decided to upgrade my GPS maps but I can't tell if the upgrade "took" or not. I had to download some sort of free software for the Mac before I could access the map itself. For the life of me I don't recall seeing that the updated maps were installed on my Garmin. I need to find out because I will dispute the charge to my credit card if I don't have what I paid for.

I have a Garmin 205W, and I believe it came with the 2008 maps installed - I bought the unit in about Oct. 2008 - and I think the maps for 2009 are available now. Has anyone bought the update, and even better, has anyone with a Mac bought it?

I have a white board (dry-erase) with writing space of about 10' x 15". I think I will write short notes about route #'s, merges, turns, etc. in large print and prop the board in the cab of my truck - that way I can see in an instant what I have coming up. I can get a general idea from looking at the Garmin what is going on, but there is a lot I can't read without glasses. It's too far away for me to read it, and there is no way I can set it up any closer to be able to read it. I do ok with the voice and can either lean forward to see the next turn (I can tell how many miles and the direction of the next turn, but can't read the street name/Hwy number, for example).

The weather is getting a little better day by day although I would like it to be about 10 degrees higher than it is. The extended forecast shows a possibility of rain next week, about the time I plan to leave. It figures.


  1. I have the same problem reading my GPS if it is mounted on the windshield, it's too far away. I learned a new trick from a charter bus driver, mount it on the windshild right by the driver's door or on the side window. I stretch the power cord across the steering column to do this. Just don't block your side mirror. Give it a try. Maybe it will help you too.

  2. I once asked a solo woman traveler how she dealt with routing issues without a navigator. She told me two interesting things:

    If she has a long drive, she stays on the interstates - even though she prefers not to - for the rest areas. She wanted to be SURE she would have chances to pull the big rig over for a break.

    After studying her maps for the next day's drive, she writes information about each upcoming turn or junction on an index card is big letters - one card for each navigation point. As she negotiated each one, she tossed that card on the floor and went on to the next one. I LOVED that idea - particularly for anyone who has trouble seeing a map or GPS.

    Maybe her suggestions can help you, too.

    Safe travels, Gypsy. Though I rarely comment, I read each and every post!

  3. Hi Gypsy....well you are on the final countdown now! Soon you will be making your way to Sacramento.

    Bye for now!

  4. I never attempt to read our GPS, I just listen to the voice telling me what lane to be in, how far to the next turn, & what a doorknob I am for missing the last exit!!

  5. I too have the Garmin Nuvi 205. I received an update SD Card from my son for Christmas. The SD card just slides into the slot in the side of my unit and presto, the updated maps are there. Take the card out and the unit reverts back to the prior maps. I just leave the card inserted and am good to go. Your's should be similier. I think he bought it at Wal Mart.