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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Replacement air card

I have ordered a replacement air card from eBay and it should arrive within a couple of days. It is a used one, and I hope I can get it to work simply by transferring the SIM card from the old one. The cost from eBay is $59, whereas I would have had to pay approx $115 to cancel my contract with AT&T.

So I should be back online soon, using my new/used air card. My neighbor has generously allowed me to use her mi fi to research and order the replacement card.


  1. Ahhh.....technology....don't you just love it! Hope all goes well and you are bact online soon!

  2. Don't know about you Gypsy but that's good darn news for the rest of us out here:))

  3. Hope it arrives soon Gypsy, we have to get you posting again with those great pictures you've been taking.

  4. Good Job, Gypsy, and good thinking, I have had E-Bay save the day several times, like my webcam for 11.99, Hope hope you get it soon,