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Monday, February 22, 2010

Two issues resolved

A few blogs back I complained about Garmin and AAA, and wrote emails to both companies. I am happy to note that I have received replies from both today, to my satisfaction.

Heather from AAA South Dakota phoned to talk to me about the issue I had with the Triptik I received from the local office here in Savannah. Since my address is in SD, they are the office that handles my membership. She explained that only a few offices offer the Classic Manual Triptik, and that her office in Sioux Falls is one of those. She urged me to call them the next time I need trip planning and they will prepare and mail me the type I prefer. She also said they appreciate my feedback on the computer generated routing, and of course I elaborated on my complaints. All in all, I am very happy to get her quick response. She saved AAA from losing a long-time member.

When I arrived home and checked my email this evening I found a response from Garmin. They have issued a credit to the charge against my credit card for the update I couldn't get. They apologized for any inconvenience this caused me, and again, I am happy that Garmin at least responded and didn't try to deny fault. I like my Garmin as well as I can like any kind of technology, and really didn't want to switch brands (or model) and have to get used to something totally different.

I have the 2008 Garmin Nuvi 205W. Mary called me over as I was leaving for work and showed me the Best Buy ad for the 205W for $109 (the update was priced at $119). I assume Best Buy is selling the GPS with 2009 maps. The question is: do I let well enough along and just use the 2008 version, or do I buy a whole new GPS with 2009 maps. I could give my granddaughter or one of my kids my old GPS so it wouldn't be a waste. If anyone reading this has gotten an update for any model GPS, can you tell a difference? How would you know if it is really worth it. I suppose if you travel constantly in and around cities, you might find an improvement. Just driving across country a couple times a year I'm not sure if I would ever see the benefit, although the Garmin does try to give me some dicey instructions now and then. Good thing I just ignore her at those times.

Two issued promptly resolved by customer service in the U.S. Maybe there is hope for us all. Now if we could just start manufacturing things again.

I will have a full day's little jobs to handle tomorrow, starting with having to return to the Sutler Store to pick up my glasses that I left there this evening.

As I was walking Lady after work, my neighbors Hal and Ellen drove past me on their way out. They stopped and backed up to where I was standing, and Hal offered any help I might need in getting ready to leave. I am so lucky to have neighbors such as these and have been the beneficiary of much assistance since I've been here.



  1. When you turn on your Garmin has it told you that your maps are outdated and you need to update them? Ours has been telling us that for about 8 months but we haven't updated yet. We'll do it if the Immigration thing works out.

  2. Maybe you should start a new career, Gypsy, as a customer service rep for people who get dissed by big companies. You seem to have had more than the usual amount of success in dealing with them. Congratulations.

  3. At least you now know you can still get the Triptik you want. That was good news. Since you had to have the other one mailed out to you anyway, having your Triptik come out of SD isn't much different. Seems like some things are working out.

    Are you going to throw out the alarm clock soon? LOL

  4. Gypsy - we had an older Magellan GPS and we couldn't download to it because of it's age. So we got a new Tom Tom which I really like better. But - I don't think I would spend the money just to update to 2009 stuff. We've updated our Tom Tom since we bought it and the info didn't change all that much. We still end up in places we don't want to be and where turning around is next to impossible. Good luck on the trip west. Be sure to keep posting and let us know how you're doing.

  5. Do not assume that BB is selling the Garmin with up-to-date maps. That model is an older one, and the low price probably means it has the original maps. I think you are supposed to be able to download the latest maps within 30 days of purchase, but I'm not sure if that would work on an outdated model. As you said, for occassional cross country trips there probably isn't a great deal of difference between them. Best to wait until you really really want a new unit. Have a safe trip.

  6. I admire your courage!! And really enjoy reading your posts.

  7. sorry, I meant to leave my name on the previous comment.

    Donna Daniel

  8. I guess word is out on the streets about your boycott list on the fridge... AAA and Garmin are wise to stay off of it.
    As for the Garmin, don't waste your money on the updates. Most of the updates are just new retail listings. And at the rate highway and road projects go you should only need to update once every 3-5 years.
    Have fun packing and just remember to listen to the old man.