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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gypsy in Alabama

I left Ft. P. at 8:10 this morning, after Fred helped me hitch the rig, and Maintenance topped up the new tire which was low. I didn't have too much trouble, although in traffic and on city streets it is definitely more nerve-wracking, especially since I haven't towed in 3 months. I tried not to think about leaving the Fort - I hope I'll be back some day.

One thing that is for sure - when the king pin is over the truck bed the whole hitch assembly is dark and shaded, and I can't see it. That isn't going to improve, and I can't do this many more times, even if I have eye surgery when I get to Sacramento. And as for towing, it is a piece of cake when on the interstate except when idiots with a death wish pull right in front of you driving slightly slower. But at any other time, I don't like it and I never have. This 5th wheel is way to big for me to handle and it is larger than I ever wanted. The fact that I am on my third cross country trip in something I don't enjoy says a lot for my sheer bullheadedness! I just love to batter my head against a brick wall, evidently.

I drove right past the sign for the only RV park I passed in Georgia, so I kept going through Columbus and over the border into Alabama. This park has their sign placed far enough back that I could slow down and enter the property. A wonderfully friendly man came out, directed me to back up to where I could turn down the proper lane, and then led me there in his golf cart. After directing me step by step, he grinned and said "you have driven this thing about 10,000 miles but you don't like to back up." He hit the nail on the head, but how did he know that I've pulled it about 10k miles?

I am in a pull thru space that is fairly level, with full hookups. So far I hooked up the electricity and nothing else, although it is so convenient I probably should at least get city water. I am too tired and too lazy, and will no doubt let things stay as they are.

The park, Lakeside RV Park, wouldn't have an "it" factor for some folks, but I can tell you it looks like heaven to me! The warm welcome I received when I pulled in just confirmed I stopped at the right place. In my planning I had read several mixed reviews on the park, but I wonder how much the reviews reflect the attitude and mood of the reviewer at one particular point in time. I think I tend to pull into a park with few preconceived ideas, and then take it as it is. The welcome I get sets the tone for me, and of course, how easy it is to maneuver my rig into place.

Tomorrow I hope to make it to Jackson or Vicksburg, MS, and then I will check the weather forecast for the following several days on I-40, to determine if I travel north to Little Rock. Tomorrow I will also travel over the historic route from Montgomery to Selma, Alabama.

I appreciate all the comments and suggestions. One suggestion that has really worked for me was to write directions on 3 x 5 cards and then throw them on the floor as I finish that portion and go on to the next. I don't throw them on the floor - actually they are constantly sliding off the console and onto the floor so I am groping to pick them up - not easy while towing! It has worked well today as I wrote the individual directions from the triptik on the cards with a marking pen. Ahhh, something I can see at a glance. After I arrived here and got settled, I sat outside at the picnic table and went over the routes for tomorrow, so my cards are ready and waiting!

One more problem I have is the GPS. It attaches to the holder that sticks to the windshield, however, I have always had the problem that the holder sometimes becomes unstuck and the entire thing falls to the floor. I try to position it far enough down on the windshield that it will just fall on the dashboard, but can't always get it positioned to do that. It is especially difficult when I'm driving - to find the GPS and holder that are on the floor somewhere, and then re-position them on the windshield while I'm driving. Does anyone else have this problem with their GPS, and if so, how do you solve it? I guess the easiest thing would be to charge the navigator with the responsibility. Lady isn't having any of that, though.

One more story about Lady: She really amazes me sometimes with her comprehension. It might not be exactly comprehension but I don't know what else it could be. Yesterday I planned to leave work after the cake and goodbyes, return to the rig and pick up Lady, and then drive to get fuel and last minute groceries. I told Lady when I left for work - "I will be back early and I'll take you with me to fill up the tank." I told her in those words, people language. I ended up just driving out of the Fort by myself and taking care of errands, then returned to the rig. Lady was waiting, jumping around, running expectantly to the door and looking me in the eye, as if to say, "OK, let's go fill up the tank." I ignored her but she wouldn't leave me alone. I had told her I would take her with me in the truck, and she wanted to go somewhere in the truck. She actually remembered.

Tune in tomorrow - where will I be???


  1. We wondered how far you would get -- wouldn't have surprised us if you just kept going and going...lol

    Now you can rest for the night -- and have another good day of travel tomorrow!

    Ken and Nanette

  2. Congrats on the first leg Gypsy....now crack open a cold one and pat yourself on the back!

  3. Glad to see you in good spirits. Good start! Carry on ☺

  4. So far so good, Gypsy! Keep up the good work, you're doing great. Have a good evening and a safe trip tomorrow.

  5. Gypsy - for our gps - we got one of those bean bag type holders from Walmart and just sit it on the dash. That way you can position it anywhere that makes it easier for you to see. The holder reminds me of those old ashtrays that used to have a beanbag bottom to keep them in place. But this is an actual gps holder. Hope this helps.

    You're doing great. I think you need to trade in the fiver and truck for a smaller Class C. We have a Class A 37' but if anything happened to Jim I would downsize to either a very small Class A or a larger type Class C. The motorhome is a whole lot easier to handle than the fiver was. Glad we made the switch.

  6. Congratulations on a successful Day #1. Pretty soon you'll be there. Lady is smart, but then I've always said dogs are smarter than all of us people.

  7. Try wetting your suction cup before you stick it on the window. Sometimes I use spit as it seems to be more sticky. Makes more of a mess on the window though.

  8. I used one of the beanbag holders for my GPS in my Class C. If it had been on the windshield, I couldn't have seen it. LOL!

    I loved pull-through spots when I was pulling my trailer & then the car. I couldn't back up the little utility trailer and needless to say, same with the car. I was always VERY careful about where I pulled into.

  9. Gypsy I have that problem with my holder too. So this is what I did. I got two sided foam tape and stuck holder bracket to the left corner of my windsheild so it was out of the way. The two sided foam tape is best and you can get at Home depot. I tried the fall on the dash thing to didnt work for me either! lol

  10. Hi, I don't know what kind of GPS you have - we have Garmin and didn't like having to stick it to the windshield, so we bought a mount which sits on the dashboard. It works great, and does not slide around at all. Like I said, this one is made for the Garmin, but they probably make them for the other brands as well. I've included a link to the product on the newegg site.