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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Confederate Sunday

I just lost my complete entry for today as I was trying to post it, and I don't have a clue what I did wrong. I hate it when that happens!

Today was my last Confederate Sunday at Fort Pulaski; I will miss all the tours, musket firings, seeing "soldiers" in grey and in blue, and the Union 36 star flag, as well as the Confederate Stars and Bars flying over the Fort. They are both beautiful flags, and there are two sides to every story, which the living history program at the Fort tells so well.

My last day to work will be this coming Thursday; cake and goodbyes are at 12 Noon at the Visitors Center, after which I will probably come back to my rig and prepare to leave Friday morning. That gives me 5 more wake-ups until I go. With Tuesday being my only day off prior to leaving, I have a ton of things to get done on that day.

I want to thank everyone who has left comments on my dilemma of which way to travel, as well as those who have written emails. I have printed out the advice and suggestions and will be prepared to make a decision at the last minute which way I'll start out, as well as retain many options on changing plans down the road if conditions require it. So far the weather looks mild enough for my first few days out.

I don't know what was wrong with me the past few days, but I was bordering on severe panic. I'm all better now, and actually look forward to traveling, especially pulling into Cal Expo in Sacramento! I realize I have absolutely no control over much of anything, except my attitude, and I certainly needed an attitude adjustment. Thanks to everyone who knew that, and sent me words of encouragement. I'm still all keyed up as I always am before a trip, but I can deal with it.


  1. Hang in there gypsy. It won't be long you'll be where you'll be with family again. What a great time you've had at the fort. I'm so sorry we're not going to get there, but things happen for a reason. See you later in the year, hopefully.

  2. I hope the troops give you a 21-gun salute before you cut into the cake!

    I hope your trip goes well and you have no confusion at all with your directions. I think you'll do just fine. I'll be checking on your blog daily!

  3. We'll be a keeping an eye on ya from over here in southern California:))

  4. Good luck on your westward trek Gypsy,after a few miles you will be settled in to that old familiar on the road routine and all will be fine, maybe even a little boring at times.

  5. Concerning your trip to Sacramento. I would strongly advise against taking I-80 across Wyoming through Salt Lake City. You can expect strong cross winds and black ice which is a recipe for disaster. At this time of year, the more southerly route you can take the better. Have a safe and enjoyable journey.