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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow on the way

I guess it was inevitable that Savannah wouldn't escape a bit of snow this winter - and it's forecasted to hit us tonight. It is raining now and expected to continue throughout the night, with a low of 31F. Not all that bad, but since you can't get from here to there anywhere in this area without crossing a bridge, usually several bridges, it is likely some roads will be closed. We are on alert to be called in the morning as to whether we will have a delayed opening or if we will be closed for the day. I would just as soon work as there isn't anywhere I would drive that would take me over an icy bridge.

I really would like to see an end to all this bad weather before the first of March. I am intent on selling this 5th wheel and don't want anything else to go wrong with it between here and California. Also, there is the matter of my tires. Since I want to get rid of the rig I would certainly like to do it before I have a major expense such as tires, although I won't compromise my safety. That is one reason that I would like to travel the interstates where possible, whereas I usually enjoy the byways now and then.

A word about my aircard/antenna - it seems to be working well, and I'm holding my breath that it continues to do so. It is fine as long as I'm not moving, but I think when I am on the road I will disconnect the antenna and hope for good wifi at the overnight stops, or at least a decent aircard-only connection. If I have neither, then it won't be the first time I've had to forego being online. I need to cancel out some of the online subscriptions that can clutter up my mailbox.

And speaking of unwanted mail, I seem to be getting more and more each week of emails trying to sell me percoset, vicodin, valium, cialis, pornography, etc. How in the world does one get on that kind of a list? I don't visit websites that offer these items and delete the emails without opening them, so I don't know why the volume seems to increase. Just lucky I guess!

No pictures today, but if there is snow on the ground tomorrow morning . . .


  1. We, too, get all sorts of unsolicited e-mails offering "stuff". Most of them go in the junk box and we just delete without ever opening. Still, very annoying and time consuming.

    Good luck with the snow that is on the way. Maybe it won't be too deep or last too long. I saw on the news this a.m. that the white stuff was headed your way.

  2. I get them too, gypsy. I sure wish I knew where they get my email address. I keep getting lots for Viagra. I have no need of Viagra. I'd sure like to tell them what I think!

  3. We have been extremely fortunate all these years when it comes to spam.(touch wood) Not sure what it is that we are doing so right but maybe we just have been lucky. We press a special button on the computer sending an intense electronic charge retracing the spams route right to it's originating computer whereupon it vaporizes the maching & renders the operator sterile. Figured it was a good way to stop those slime balls from propagating:)) 10-4!!

  4. we have 13 inches of snow here in the Dallas area... and I've heard it's heading east... be careful on the roads..