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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Windows and Overheads

These are two subjects that cause me grief and I have written about both of them.

First of all, the windows: I would guess that most or all RV's have the same type of windows, at least the ones that slide up and down. Some of them are extremely difficult to raise or lower because you must hold two metal tabs toward the center while lifting up or pulling down the window. The windows in the house I sold last year had two tabs that had to be pressed towards the center, but once you did that you didn't have to hold them while opening or closing the window, so I know they could be made that way for an RV. So last night I was closing one of the windows, and being on a slide it is difficult to get to since I would have to move all the furniture out in order to stand in front of the window and manipulate it head on. So I always twist my spine and reach over in order to do this task, on ALL of this type window in my RV. Back to last night, I ended up pinching my thumb when closing the window. I do that regularly but this was pretty bad and my finger started to bleed.

I went into the bedroom to find a band-aid. The ones in the medicine cabinet were the wrong size, so I opened the first overhead to look, but as there were none in that cabinet I went to the middle overhead cabinet, where I found the band-aids. I was looking down at the box in my hands and taking a band-aid out, forgetting that the door to the first cabinet was still open. I started walking back, banging my head on the door, somehow turned around, and damned if I didn't bang my head the second time. I was pretty steamed by this time and every bad word in my vocabulary came to mind (and was said aloud).

The only positive thing was that right next to the box of band-aids were the dogs' flea & tick meds that I couldn't find a couple of weeks ago - right in plain sight I might add.

I am coming up on 6 months of living in the RV at the end of May, and I'm planning to write up an assessment of positives and negatives, and you can be sure on which side of the ledger the windows and overheads will fall.


  1. Thank you for the "heads-up". We'll learn from you on what will be a pain. I'm so sorry for the head collisions, I've done that with our kitchen cupboards. I can't believe it's coming up on six months fulltime. That's fabulous.

  2. Ouch! Sorry for your boo boos.
    I can't believe it will be 6 mos either. I looke forward to seeing that list.. We are shopping for a 5th wheel now. No hurry.. Any advice will be helpful.

  3. Sounds like you were having my kind of day there Gypsy. Know what you mean about those kind of windows but fortunately we have the sliding sideways ones in the motorhome. Same kind of head banging overheads though.....:(

  4. Gypsy -
    We're right there with you! I've broken more fingernails on those windows. Thankfully, we haven't banged our heads...yet. Glad you're OK!
    Take care,