Eastern Utah
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The RV park is filling up with a group and I've noticed a steady stream between where they are parked and the laundry room, so that was first on the agenda this morning. I was out of certain clean clothing and had no choice but to find an available washing machine very soon. I was in luck - and got two loads into the machines while talking to the man who is parked a few spaces down from me, who was folding the last of his laundry. He turns out to be very pleasant and nice to talk to. No surprise there - he is originally from Chicago and I've never met an unfriendly Chicagoan. He said he uses this park as a home base, and goes out (tent) camping from here now and then.

I went in to town after the laundry was done to look for a place to get my hair cut, and to see if I could find an alternative to my electric coffee maker. I had found a Melitta stove top drip coffee maker on the Ace Hardware website, so I went to their local store. They don't carry it in stock, but if I get the part # and description to them by tomorrow I can get it by Wednesday. That is certainly a quick turn around and I think it will work out just fine for me. I'm glad I haven't gone out and bought 500 of the round paper filters, because I will need to get a supply of the Melitta cone filters.

I only found one hairdresser which was next to Ace, but there was no available parking so I decided to go back another time.

When I got back I set a bag of charcoal on the picnic table and brought some groceries inside to put away. I heard the sprinklers go off and the water hitting the picnic table so I ran out to grab the charcoal before it got wet. Well, the water hit me square on, over and under the table and in just a few seconds I got pretty well soaked! It was a good thing I had clean dry clothes to put on!

There are about 10 or so RV's who seem to be together who came to the park just recently. So much for the legendary friendliness of RVers, and sorry folks, but I just haven't seen much of it anywhere. I drove past a number of them on two occasions, my windows down and definitely making eye contact. I waved to each and every group of them, as well as a few individuals who were walking nearby, but in not one instance did anyone wave back -- they just sat and watched me drive by. So I have come to the conclusion that there are many RVers who are very friendly to their own particular groups, clubs, and acquaintances, but who don't have the time of day for a stranger in their midst. No problem for me - I don't want to join their group or anything like that - I just think a smile and a wave is the proper thing to do but it isn't evidently a universal practice. That said, I have also met some very friendly folks, but mostly they are traveling by themselves. I guess it's the groups who don't want any intrusion into their cliques.

I think maybe this is why I prefer being a loner, but I'm a friendly loner at that. Now I could just drive by them with my nose in the air, but I think I will keep smiling and waving just to piss them off!


  1. That's exactly right, keep on waving and smiling, they'll get the hint. We miss you in chat, are you trying to make us get use to being without you before you workcamp?

  2. The french press coffee pots work great in boondocking situations. I've even seen them sold at the local grocery store.

  3. That surprises me,... I've never found campers to be unfriendly. And I mean the whole campground,... groups, singles,... couples whatever! wonder if it's a west coast thing?

  4. Love your haircut. Mine is long, long - and getting to me. Need something shorter, yet still feminine. Do you find it hard to find someone to keep it shaped like that for you?

    Virtual hugs,