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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Corning, CA

I drove about 10 miles north today to the small town of Corning, looking to sample and buy olives and olive oil. The only place open for business was the Olive Pit, and I bought two bottles of oil plus a jar of very tasty Manzanillo olives. This must not be the time of year to buy these products, as most places seem to be closed to the public right now. I like olive oil with a peppery aftertaste, and I found a great one! My oldest granddaughter loves olives and she will be home from college and camping with us over Memorial Day, so I plan to share the jar with her.

I also bought a Eureka screen tent for over the picnic table at Lassen, and now I need to return the umbrella with netting that I bought last weekend. The Eureka will be lighter weight so it will be easier for me to handle and set up/take down. It is more like the tent setup that I am familiar with and I think I will like it. I ordered it from Campmor, on the telephone because I wanted to ask some questions. The gentleman on the line had a very strong NY/NJ accent, and asked if I had ever purchased anything from Campmor. Well of course I have purchased quite a few items over the years but didn't think I had done so recently, however, when I gave him my last name he repeated back to me my current address, phone number and email. He really loved saying the "gypsy" in my email address, and called me that several times. With that strong accent he sounded just like an old boyfriend of mine, who happened to be the person who originally nicknamed me "Gypsy" oh so many years ago.

I haven't done any rig cleaning lately because of the weather, but since today is such a beautiful day I think I will go outside and try to tone up those muscles in my arms.

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