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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coffee maker - 2nd post today

The search for a good non-electric coffee maker is still on. If worse comes to worse I can always find a cheap percolator, but that is not the tastiest coffee so I will keep looking for a drip system. I went to Ace Hardware this afternoon with the Melitta part number and info I found on the internet. It turns out the website is a bit misleading (or maybe it's just that I didn't use my common sense). The price was too good to be true, and IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY ISN'T! Though the page showed an entire coffee making system it turns out that what they were selling were the filters. You must buy a Chemex coffee pot for somewhere around $46 plus the filter cone, plus the special Melitta filters. The laugh is on me, I'm afraid, as I overlooked the simple phrase, "caveat emptor".

Someone commented that a French Press could be easily found, and I agree - I've seen them advertised and in the stores, and they are relatively inexpensive. My experience with them was when I visited Ireland and stayed in a furnished flat for 3 wks, and it was equipped with the French press. Maybe it's a combination of the coffee that is available in Ireland (terrible) and the press, but it was awful coffee and I only drank it so I wouldn't get a headache! There was always sludge in the bottom of my coffee cup from it. When I moved there a German friend loaned me her electric drip coffee maker and coffee grinder that she wasn't using at the time, and I had the coffee beans sent from America. Cordula's coffee was always good (she had some sort of German coffee making contraption), and mine was excellent as well, using her spare equipment. We probably had the only decent coffee in the entire country. To give the Irish credit, they brew the best tea in the world (Barry's tea is wonderful). I drank tea in the afternoons and to be sociable when in company, but my morning coffee is always my favorite part of the day.

I'll keep searching.


  1. Sis,

    We've gone camping with one of Maria's cousins, and they have a Coleman coffee drip coffee maker just like the Mr. Coffees, but you set it over a Coleman gas burner and it brews the coffee without electricity. Tastes great too!


  2. Easiest coffee ever . . . Yes, it's Melitta, but just a funnel and a regular cupcake-style filter - about $3. total.

    This is the system we use at home, on the road, and anywhere else we can get hot water. We spend some time in the VA Hospital, and I bring a vacuum bottle of scalding hot water to make coffee. All you need are a mug/cup, the filter holder ($3) and a filter.

    Pour hot water through the grounds and let the brewed coffee drip into your cup. No electricity needed; just hot water from any source.

    See: https://shop.melitta.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=64+007&Cat=

    for a picture of the filter.

    Melitta sells the filter with a matching mug ($6. for both), but I think it is plastic, and I prefer a stoneware mug to drink from.

    They also show a filter with a travel mug for $8..

    We have been using this system for about 20 years and like it so much, we gave away all of our coffee pots, ChemX and electric !!

    Virtual hugs,


  3. The only problem I would see with the cup/filter combo is that I grind the beans fresh and it would be a pain to do just one cup at a time. I should just do an attitude adjustment and grind several days worth at once and keep them in a sealed container, lol.

  4. Gypsy: when we boondock we use a Melitta 10 cup glass coffee pot which comes with an appropriate sized cone for that pot. Bought it on-line at Melitta.com for about $20. Filters are available at the grocery store. We also grind our beans per use. I usually heat the water in an old kettle on the stove. I pour the completed coffee into an insulated carafe to keep it hot. Sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't and the result is great. Dione (from the NuWa forum)